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So to off set Santorum’s major sweep earlier this week … Romney gets to claim Maine and CPAC. Really? WOW! Who cares? Seriously!

Maine has been caucusing since before the Santorum upset. The results were reported on Saturday but the decision had already been made. Santorum took over 50 percent of the vote in one contest and averaged 45 percent in each of the other two. In all three states (Missouri, Minnesota, and Colorado) Santorum spanked Mitt by double digits. Romney barely beat out Ron Paul in Maine 39-36 and narrowly escaped defeat to Santorum again at the CPAC straw poll with a 38-31 victory.

Let’s put this into perspective… Gingrich and Santorum didn’t campaign in Maine and the ground was conceded to Romney weeks ago but Paul almost got him. CPAC is not the super brain trust of conservatism that they attempt to market themselves as. Last year Ron Paul won it. Neither of Mitt’s were decisive to the point of stomping down the competition. He gets to “hang on” as the propped up GOP front runner for another week.

There’s no ground swell of support for him or his ideas. First, he has no ideas. His new mantra is that he is a Washington outsider who has never “had to serve” in Congress. He ran for the Senate in 1994 along with Santorum. Rick won. Mitt lost. Romney never served in the Senate because he couldn’t get elected. Period. He served one term as Governor because he couldn’t get re-elected. Santorum served in Congress for over twenty years because he got re-elected three times.

The battle of the final four is interesting. Romney gets picked by the insider party bosses, mainstream media, AND conservative talk radio. Yes, you read that last one correctly. I almosted puked Friday listening to Mike Gallagher explain why he would say nothing negative about any of the GOP candidates because he didn’t want to muddy the waters with his opinion and hurt our chances of beating Obama. HORSE HOOEY! He doesn’t want candidates to turn down appearances on his show, doesn’t want listeners to bolt if he picks the wrong guy, and doesn’t want to look foolish if his guy loses.  In other words, for all his bloviating and pontificating he’s gutless, spineless, and without a conservative core. Ann tan in the can Coulter has at least picked Romney. Because of his conservative ideals as she says? No. She’s in heat but at least made a decision and argues for it. Bill O’Reilly is trojan horse conservative media titan but even he at least lampoons Ron Paul for the sideshow his campaign is. Hannity and Limbaugh won’t commit either which annoys me to no end.

Silence only voices support for Romney. The TV ads and media blitz FOR Romney is  so overwhelming that nuetrality by conservative media only plays in Mitt’s favor. That’s why I have taken a stand. It may only be in the Daytona-Tampa-Orlando-Melbourne markets on radio and a little slice of the cyber world but it’s a stand that I can take and will. Has it cost me listeners to endorse Cain and then openly support Newt and Santorum over the GOP beauty queen Ken doll candidate? Yes.

The broadcast where I did an indepth look at Mormonism and how it effects Romney’s worldview is a must listen to.

Why do I do this? Have these candidates I picked been on my show? No. Will they ever come on my show? Probably not. So why do it? I CARE!

Yes, it’s really that simple. I believe passionately that Mitt is the wrong choice. I believe passionately in conservatism. I believe conservative media voices should speak up and speak clearly.

Do any of the big guns in conservative media actually care or is it all ratings, book and personal tour promotions, and self promotion? Do they really care?

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