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Is someone’s personal faith or belief in God important beyond their own soul? Yes. Why?

What a man believes determines what a man will do. Faith is a dogma of not only theology but also ideology. When you find out what motivates a man and what shapes his outlook and world view, you can then begin to understand what makes him tick and what he will do.

Mitt Romney is a Mormon. The Mormons (The Church of Latter Day Saints) have worked very hard over the past twenty plus years through aggressive media and marketing of presenting themselves as “mainstream” Christianity. They now use phrases like “born again” and “evangelical.” Why? Have they changed their core doctrines? No. They desire acceptance into society and distance from their controversial, racial, and heretical past. The problem … they haven’t really changed. They have simply denied some of their past, rewritten the other portion of their past, and learned to use PR in an effective manner. While they use phrases like “accepting Christ as Savior” … it does not mean to a Mormon what it means to an actual born again Christian. They have redefined the words. Accepting Christ simply means accepting the Mormon’s version of Christ (the half brother of Satan who had three wives: Mary, Martha, and Mary Magnalene). In short… Mormonism is a works based salvation where one can obtain godhood in the hereafter if one is obedient enough here. That’s not exactly mainstream, evangelical, historic, fundamental Christianity. Mormons spent millions of dollars testing their brand messaging through infomericals, late night “apple pie” traditional values commercials, and even redesigning their name to feature Jesus Christ in larger font than the rest of the name: The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints.

Mitt Romney is having problems convincining everyone that he is a true conservative. His problem? When he held elected office he campaigned as a moderate and governed as a liberal. Today, he wants to be the GOP nominee and has developed “conservative” vocabulary but not actual conservative convictions. In short, he is attempting to do in politics what his church has done in theology … a cosmetic make over.

To know Mitt … learn what Mormon’s believe.

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