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Mitt’s relentless ad campaign succeeded. He walks away with 50 delegates from Florida.

Newt Gingrich has proven in debates and South Carolina that ideas work. If he will stay on point with his ideas, go after Obama by drawing clear lines of distinction between himself and the President, and not get into a gutter war with Romney … he can bounce back and finish strong. I understand his frustration and desire to set the record straight. I have been in those situations where people have lied and distorted things I had done while ignoring or rewriting what I had accomplished. The naturual desire is to fight back and state your case. Most of the time it blows up in your face. You come away looking like the bad guy and trouble maker. Polls stated they thought Newt was meaner. In living in Florida and watching this crap dump in the media it wasn’t even close. Romney was twenty times more vicious and wroth than Newt but perception is reality and Mitt was able to spin in it in his favor.

The former Speaker does inspire and he does connect with people. Those are his strengths and he needs to play to them in the next 46 states (44 since he missed 2 ballots). Moderate Republicans talk about Romney taking the Northeast. In the Primaries maybe but New York belongs to Obama in the general election no matter who the nominee is.

If you look at the numbers from Florida and all the pundits patting themselves on the back for predicting Mitt’s big win let’s remember … if the votes split among Newt, Santorum, and Paul had been united behind one candidate … Romney would have lost Florida. He still has won’t anything. He thrives on the divide. The strength is still on the conservative side. Mitt still has not made the case he’s a conservative. Until that happens he’s a moderate front runner. But then again … moderate is where he’s at home and that’s not a compliment.

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