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Conservative commentators like Hannity, Rush, and O’Reilly will not “take sides” in the GOP primary contest.

On the one hand Limbaugh tells Newt to buck it up and take it like a man as Romney dumps millions of dollars of lies on him in an all out media blitz across Florida. I’ve seen the ads. They are beyond the pale. Even NBC News has told the Romney campaign take down the commercial featuring Tom Brokaw because it is inaccurate (lie). NBC is not exactly Newt friendly either so the ad must be bad. In fact, Rush spent nearly an hour yesterday giving us the “history” of smear politics which began with Jefferson and Adams. Okay… that makes it right? I know. I know. It’s politics. It’s how it is done.

Then Rush went on the war path how Romney had distorted Newt’s record aboutthe Reagan influence and getting the ethics stuff completely wrong but promoting it as fact. Hannity has done the same thing. He will blister the Mass Moderate for comments about Newt but then interview Mitt to allow the plastic Ken doll fake conservative to spin his side of the story to sheepish conservatives.  Even Sarah Palin will defend Newt, endorse him state -by-state, but falls short of an outright endorsement because she wants the “process of vetting” to continue. No. Sorry. I’m not buying it.

At the end of the day these commentators want access to the nominee and potential President. If it’s Mitt … they want in. They also don’t want to “over commit” to the loser. That would be bad business. How do you tell your audience to then vote for the guy you have skewered just weeks before?

O’Reilly is the worst. His “No Spin Zone” is really the O’Reilly Coward Zone. He says he is not an ideologue nor are the American people. That’s code for: no core beliefs. Bill is a conservative commentator for a pay check like Ann -spray tan- Coulter. O’Reilly’s temper and edgy, prick personality couldn’t hack it in mainstream media. Along comes Fox News and poof he becomes the titan of conservative media. Why? Because he can shout down an interview like Chris Matthews. By “not taking sides” he is not standing for any core beliefs. Why? Maybe he has none except what gets him ratings, viewers, and sells books. He says he’s looking out for the little guy. Really? The little guy is working, paying taxes, and trying not to get ripped off by the government. He thinks guys like O’Reilly are representing his views on TV and giving him a voice. BUT by not taking a solid stand for the ideology which would actually help that guy … and preaching that ideology to convert those who need it … O’Reilly, like a coward, hides behind pontificating vocabulary and his bloated self ego. Come on Bill … take a stand! Support someone -BY NAME- support an ideology. Yes, it will cost you something. BUT it will pay you back with self respect and the satisfaction of doing the right thing.

Oh, and one more thing… Factor Gear is cheap looking. Time to upgrade your suppliers. Just looking out for the people being fleeced for this stuff…

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