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Preparing for the possible loss of Florida in the Tuesday Primary, Newt Gingrich vowed to fight all the way to the GOP Convention in August.

Romney has blistered the former Speaker with millions of dollars worth of negative ads across the sunshine state. Even when his “facts” are wrong and he’s called on it … he STILL articulates them as true. NBC has demanded he remove the ad featuring a newscast of Tom Brokaw citing Newt for ethics violations. All the violations were dropped and Newt was not fined but Romney’s campaign says otherwise.

The former governor’s troubles are just beginning this morning with a new scandal in the making. It appears he was a director of a firm which defrauded Medicare in the 1990’s. He profited over 500 million dollars personally from the deal. This and other hotter stories are being prepared by the DNC and liberals for the Fall campaign if Romney becomes the nominee. What about Mitt receiving campaign money from Wall Street banks and institutions which received bail out money? Can you see the Fall headlines now? Can you see the Occupiers at the GOP convention? This is going to get ugly …but hey… the plastic Ken doll from Mass is the “most conservative” and “electable” candidate we have against Obama (cough-gag-hack).

Our hearts and prayers go out to the Santorum family whose daughter is sick and Rick has left Florida to be with his family. Ron Paul has headed to Maine.

Florida… make a choice and vote the experts wrong! All weekend pollsters have declared it’s Mitt’s race. Santorum and Paul supporters …. unite your vote behind Gingrich. Your two candidates have conceded Florida. It’s a winner take all state. They cannot share in any delegates if they lose. Soooo, let’s not give those delegates to Romney. Put Newt over the top!

Ron Paul knows he won’t be the nominee. He is staying in it to keep his policy ideas on the table. Santorum may not have all the lightning rod negative attention as Newt but he won’t be the nominee either. Both men will play key roles in a conservative Gingrich administration. They will have no role in a moderate Mitt administration.

Vote Gingrich on Tuesday in Florida. Do not let Romney walk away with this state. HE CANNOT BEAT OBAMA! There’s too much dirt and scandal in his closet. If you think GOP rivals have been hard on Mitt … imagine what Soros,, and the liberals have waiting!!!!

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