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….okay, that may be a harsh comment and a rather crude opening but that’s the politics Mitt has chosen to play.

Like a typical, spoiled rich kid (yeah, I know … ‘good conservatives don’t attack capitalism’ but Governor Bankrupt ‘Em for Profit isn’t a clean capitalist) Romney is ticked he isn’t getting his way. After stepping aside for McCain, at the request of party bosses and the Huckabee-McCain take him out strategy in the ’08 primary, Romney has given lots of money and lip service to the cause. Why? It’s his turn to be President. Why? He says so. Why? He’s rich and it’s what he wants. Too bad for you if you don’t. In short, Romney has ‘paid his dues’ to the GOP and peddled the talking points on cable news shows. He has followed GOP protocol and should be justly rewarded with the nomination. Then came those tea party conservatives and genuine Republicans that actually believe in something… and the GOP elite leadership plan of picking Romney has been stalled. The elite are supposed to pick. That’s how it works -sarcasm intended- Hey, they gave us Ford, Bush Sr., Dole, and McCain.

Since the actual conservatives within the party and among the independents have spoken … Romney only garners about 25 percent of the vote. Gingrich, Santorum, and Paul get the other 75 percent. Why? THE CONSERVATIVES AND REAL RUBLICANS DON’T WANT ROMNEY!

So, what does Rich Boy Mitt do? Lie. Cheat. Steal. His ads in Florida (I have seen them) are outright lies about Speaker Gingrich. Example… he’s running one where Tom Brokaw, as the then NBC news anchor, is reporting on the Speaker’s ouster over ethics violations. The ad ends with Romney saying he approves the message. Really? Why not feature one where the news reported three years later all charges were dropped after a full investigation. The liberals and GOP party bosses worked together to take out Newt in the 90’s and they’re trying again. Why? He will actually change Washington. Change is a dangerous thing to these vermin. It means loss of power and money. So, Romney is lying about Newt every chance he gets. Desperation. He can’t honestly beat the man straight up with ideas and authenticity. He is cheating his way into a hand picked primary date process that party bosses arranged as friendly Mitt states after Florida to create the illusion of Romney Mania. He is trying to steal the mantle of conservatism with the help of GOP elite and pundits like Ann ‘spray tan’ Coulter.

His work at Bain was NOT free market capitalism. It was personal profiteering piracy.  Bankrupting businesses on purpose and raiding their assets, payroll fund, and maxing their debt all for his own personal bank account is a legal criminal act where employees are hurt and destroyed while he smiles. It was not simply some businesses failing. NO! He did not want them to be turned around. He failed them on purpose. Why? BIGGER PERSONAL PROFIT ON HIS INVESTMENT! In other words… your loss was his gain!

IF Romney wins Florida it will be because he paid out enough in ads to an attentionless electorate who want the plastic Ken Doll looks, million dollar fleecing experience, and carefully crafted answers rather than a genuine conservative with heartfelt answers and beliefs.

Romney is slime.

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