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No, Gingrich did not deliver in the final Florida GOP debate from Jacksonville last night. Yes, Romney, like a well trained actor, came on hard, strong, and lied his away into a wonderful debate performance. He hit Newt hard on the Speaker’s ad claims regarding Romney’s position on immigration and his investments. Why is Mitt only passionate and fiery when his precious bank account is scrutinized but rarely shows emotion over the liberal socialism which has eroded our liberty under President Obama?

Gingrich and Romney traded blows over Fannie & Freddie. Both made money. One through investments and the other from a consulting contract. The pundits claim Romney won that exchange. In style and aggressive bullying yes. In substance? Hold on. Mitt claims he has blind trusts and they invest for him and he doesn’t always know what they invest in. Later in the debate he claimed he did not know he endorsed an ad claiming Gingrich called Spanish a ghetto language. The former Speaker of the House denied the charge and Mitt shrugged it off saying he had not seen the ad. Wolf Blitzer did an immediate Fact Check and not only was Romney’s campaign running the ad BUT Romney’s voice is heard at the end supporting the message. HOLD IT. HOLD IT. HOLD IT. This is Ron Paul all over again.

Paul claims he did not who on his staff wrote racist articles under his name in his newsletter for over a decade. Then how does one have confidence he can choose staff members, ambassadors, and etc who will represent his agenda and not theirs? With Paul, given his personality, it’s a plausible excuse. Romney? A self made multi-millionaire who was a businessman, Governor, and President of the Olympics … we’re supposed to believe he made millions by “others” making his investments and he does not watch ads released under his name? He’s either incompetent or a liar. I vote that latter.

His focused effort to discredit Newt’s association with Reagan was unbelievable. When he ran for the Senate and the office of Governor he made abundantly clear that he, Mitt Romney, was NOT for the policies of Reagan-Bush. Michael Reagan has endorsed Newt. In 1995 in a YouTube speech Nancy Reagan said that the conservative torch was passed from Goldwater to Ronald Reagan and he handed it to Newt. NANCY’S OWN WORDS!

Rush Limbaugh and myself took to the airwaves yesterday to debunk this smear campaign from Romney.

When Newt called Romney on it last night the former Mass Moderate Governor was in full back peddle mode claiming he was not there in the 1980’s and 90’s and would leave the historical record to the Reagan diaries and others. HE’S RIGHT HE WASN’T THERE. He was too busy looting businesses, loading them with debt to bust them and shatter the lives and livlihoods of employees so he could make millions in profits. HE’S RIGHT HE WASN’T THERE. When Gingrich was being vilified in Newsweek as the Gingrich Who Stole Christmas while fighting for tax cuts, balanced budgets, and welfare reform. Romney? He was fighting FOR more gun control, adding Planned Parenthood and Taxpayer Funded Abortions to ROMNEYCARE, and distancing himself from Reagan Conservatism.

I did enjoy watching Santorum relentlessly pursue Romney on health care. Blitzer ended it which wasn’t right. He did nothing to stop Romney from verbally raping Gingrich but wouldn’t let Rick go after Mitt too far too long. Aaaah, the paid fix is in.

Now, we’re supposed to believe he – MITT ROMNEY– is the conservative leader who can take on Obama. Why? Because Bob “Viagra” Dole and John McCain say so. Drudge is carrying Rom’s water in “conservative” media. Blonde anorexic spray tan Ann Coulter is in heat for him on every conservative media outlet that will feature her.

In other words, the establishment has decided it’s Mitt. He bought his way into the party over the previous six years. He’s made sure that the next wave of Primaries are ALL Mitt friendly states in a row (coincidence? I think not … amazing what a few million dollars will buy). So the same geniuses who gave us Dole vs Clinton and McCain vs Obama … are about to pick Romney vs Obama. Why? “Newt can’t win. He’s too scarey and conservative.” Same things they said about Reagan when they wanted Ford!

WAKE UP, FLORIDA. Tuesday Primary Day … STRIKE DOWN the elite’s choice!

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