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Yes, the GOP has come to town. Mitt Romney is on a smear campaign against Newt Gingrich until next Tuesday’s Primary here. Does he believe Newt will hurt the conservative movement?. No! He’s worried that Newt will hurt Romney’s cause: Romney.

If I hear one more conservative talk about Romney is electable because he “looks like a President” I may smack someone. Stop acting like Ann Coulter in heat. Her conservative ideals run as deep as the leftist, liberal eye candy boy toys she parades on her arm in public.

Romney is not a conservative nor is he a Free Market Capitalist. He’s a Romneyist meaning: if he can bleed a company dry, load it with debt, and triple his money bankrupting a business as opposed to only doubling his money by saving it … sorry, employees – hit the road Romney needs your salaries. In this campaign he did not show any passion or heated discussion when it came to Obama. In fact, he said he thought Obama was a nice guy but in over his head. WHAT? Obama is a flaming socialist hell bent on turning America into Europe. There’s nothing nice about a bigger government welfare state that controls and represses freedom. The only time Romney showed emtion, passion, or anger is when HE was scrutinized over his corporate raider years at Bain. In other words, the left can piss on American liberty, morality, and decency. Romney will simply read the conservative script. Let a right wing conservative ask him how he made his money and he goes nuclear.

What do you expect, Florida? He’s a Charlie Crist, John “1-800-Sue You” Morgan hack.

Just read this and all your questions about Romney’s “conservatism” will be answered:

Just listen here and you’ll know who Romney really is:

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