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As I predicted in my last entry … Newt Gingrich won the South Carolina primary. The pundits and experts were predicting on Friday night he would win but it would be close and only among conservative males. They were wrong on ALL counts. He won huge! He took all but two or three counties and won every demographic from married to single to female to households making over 100K a year.

Newt has been accused of being “grandiose”. Well, voters have been waiting for someone with some big ideas to emerge. Herman Cain captured hearts and imaginations with a clear vision of ideas. After Cain’s departure the momentum went to Newt who was derailed by a Romney Superpac attack in Iowa. Again, the experts have said everyone has been up and down but no one could sustain the lead. They have been baffled as to why. Once again I will explain what the experts have missed. Ideas Win! Simple as that!

Cain had an idea 9-9-9. People may not have agreed with all of it but they liked someone thinking out of the box and having a bold, fresh idea. Ron Paul pitched ideas that initially resonated: No Fed, No Debt, No War. His problem … as details came out and his ideas expanded into social issues and foreign policy his ideas were dismissed. The reason Bachman and Santorum could not sustain early wins and excitement among voters: No Big Ideas! Romney, while viewed by rank and file Republican elites as safe and electable also has no bold ideas. He comes across as a milder, tempered Obama. Newt kept pitching his ideas and got his legs back underneath him in South Carolina and dismantled his rivals in two debates in one week.

Ideas Win! People are thirsting for visionary leadership with real ideas to get this country working again. Newt’s challenge is not managing his personality (the newest ‘expert’ opinion is he’s too mean) but assembling a team and V.P. who will organize and implement those ideas. Most visionary leaders can quickly identify problems, come up with bold, creative solutions, but lack the patience and passion for the nitty gritty details. Henry Ford saw America on wheels in cars when others saw horses and buggies. He cast a vision, created an assembly line, motivated his workers, but his engineers and employees designed and built the finished product. Whether it’s a Steve Jobs or a Ronald Reagan … their vision becomes someone else’s work. Santorum criticized Gingrich in the CNN Deep South Debate stating that the former Speaker had lots of ideas but his office was dysfunctional and disorganized. The reason the former PA Senator sees Newt that way is simple: Santorum is not a big idea visionary. He is a detail man. There’s nothing wrong with that. While Henry Ford got the recognition and the headlines, somewhere in his company was an accountant and some engineers along with some managers and dedicated workers who actually made the Model A and the Model T happen. In the end the American consumer benefited as did as the Ford employees.

Santorum would be an incredible asset to someone’s team as a leader in area to actually make the vision happen. In the end, the American people will benefit and that’s a win for the country.

Newt has the ideas, the experience, and the knowledge to be the next President. Now, he needs a team that can help rally a nation! It starts with Florida…

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