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Every news cast, 24 hour cable news channel, and radio talk show host has been playing and commenting endlessly on Newt’s takedown of John King at the Thursday night GOP debate regarding Gingrich’s ex-wife’s claim of Newt wanting an open marriage. It was brilliant how he turned a negative into a positive which resulted in two more standing ovations.

Newt does four things extremely well in debates: 1) ARTICULATES A CLEAR VISION … He gives you ideas and then  explains how to make those ideas happen. Romney speaks in generalities and bumper sticker slogans. Ron Paul mutters and mumbles. Rick Santorum loads up on details which loses the audiences and comes across as whining. 2) ANSWERS DIRECT QUESTIONS WITH DIRECT ANSWERS … Mitt Romney talks around the question. He has 5 rehearsed answers for all 25 questions and he uses them inter changeably. Ron Paul trips over his own words like a feeble nursing home resident whose been muddle minded from all his meds.  Santorum does well but is sometimes too wordy. Newt simply is gifted at answering direct questions with razor like focus, sharp witt, and a little history thrown to remind you he’s smarter than this three rivals. 3) ATTACKS WITH PASSION AND ACCURACY … what seperates Newt from Santorum and Mitt is his red meat GOP passion. People love it when he gives it -hard- to the media and Obama. Santorum and his sweater vest approach on the campaign trail and whine in the debates is a cross between Mr. Rogers and Barney Fife. Not very impressive or inspiring. Mitt has many of the right lines and verbal positions but lacks a record to back it up, so he comes across like an actor reading a script rather than a heart felt conservative from his core. The only thing Mitt seems to get passionate about is when his finances come under scrutiny. Where your treasure is your heart follows. He has no treasure invested in truly conservative ideas on social issues. Paul? Do you really wanna ask? 4) ASTOUNDS PUNDITS … thus he gets the 24hr and 48hr news cycle sound bites. “Food Stamp President”“Andrew Jackson had a simple solution to handling America’s enemies – Kill Them!” and the list goes on. While his rivals may feel they have better ideas or are more stable or more electable …. they’re boring. Plain and Simple. Newt IS news!

Newt Gingrich is on the verge of being the comeback kid in the GOP. If he wins South Carolina (and I predict he will) then he will have mojo to take on Romney in Florida.  It is very apparent that Romney, who was cruising, cannot handle pressure questions in debates. Obama will eat his lunch. If Newt is the nominee, Obama will run for cover.

Dick Morris stated on the Friday edition of Greta that Newt lost the Thursday CNN Debate and Santorum won it. I disagree. Newt did not do as well as he did on Monday BUT his in your face afront to John King has been THE news following that debate. Everyone is talking about Newt and how he handled that. If people are talking about you for two days following a debate … YOU won!

Morris also thinks Newt’s ex-wife’s interview hurt Newt and now people in South Carolina will throw their support behind Santorum. Again, I disagree. Clinton’s bimbo express didn’t stop him. And most people I believe see Marrianne Gingrich as vindictive. While they may sympathize with her, they also understand a bitter person can and will say anything. Experts are also predicting Newt has lost the female vote over this issue and his combative tone. Again, totally disagree. Women like and respond to confident leadership. I also find it insulting to women that they support Romney because he’s the good looking candidate. Really? Women don’t think and have ideas? They only vote their emotions and not their convictions and principles?

At the end of the day people like ideas and passion. They like fire and conviction. Newt embodies those traits. His rivals are … boring. Period.

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