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1. RON PAUL WAS INEFFECTIVE IN CONGRESS AND WAS NOT ABLE TO ESTABLISH ANY COALITIONS OR BASE SUPPORT. In the twenty five plus years he has served in Congress he proposed over 600 pieces of legislation. Only ONE passed. He has also helped to preside our financial melt down. What, besides babble and mumble, did he do to stop it? Paul did, however, earmark hundreds of millions of tax dollars forTexas. His explanation.. “I was just getting our tax dollars back.” In other words, he says he’s against taxes BUT as long as there are tax dollars available he will spend them. No hypocrisy there.

 2. RON PAUL HAS A DANGEROUS ISOLATIONIST WORLD VIEW. He blames US intervention around the world for the 9-11 attacks. His basic foreign policy is to do business for financial profit with any nation or dictator while turning a blind eye and staying out of their human rights abuses, enslavement, acts of genocide and terrorism on their own citizens and our allies, and acts of aggression to anyone other than the United States.

 He thinks if we simply engage in free trade, act nice, and keep our armed forces at home that evil regimes and Islamic militants will like us or leave us alone. Naive at best and deadly for us at worst. An enemy will not respect you because you concede. We are hated because of our way of life, our friendship with Israel, and our Judeo-Christian heritage.

 Paul’s assertion that Iran cannot afford gasoline therefore they are not interested in trying to take us out with a nuclear weapon would be funny if it wasn’t so dangerously frightening at the lack of his grasp on the situation. One suit case nuke in the hands of an Iranian coming to South America and crossing our unsecured border could level an entire city and kill millions of Americans. No gasoline needed.

 3. RON PAUL DOES NOT DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION. HE DISTORTS IT. Like a Calvinist changes the meaning of words in the Bible to fit their theology, Ron Paul style Libertarians change the meaning of the Constitution to further their propaganda. In his warped, unbalanced interpretation of State’s Rights he views Abraham Lincoln as war criminal for acts of terrorism against the South.

 The Constitution was prepared and promoted by James Madison and the Federalists who believed we needed a strong federal government that was held accountable through a system of checks and balances. It was opposed by the Anti-Federalists who endorsed a Confederacy of State’s Rights. Sounds like Ron Paul.

 4. RON PAUL PROMOTES IMMORALITY AND PERVERSION AS LIBERTY. When you change the definitions and meanings of words you can make the Bible or the Constitution say anything you want. A liberal Supreme Court found a “right to privacy” in the Constitution  to legalize abortion claiming the baby as the property of the woman’s body.

 Other liberals claim “separation of church and state” when conservative ministries engage in political discourse or there is a public recognition of God on government property or government sponsored activities like public schools.

 Ron Paul claims that legalizing narcotics, prostitution, and neutrality on homosexual marriage is a Constitutional defense of individual liberty. One visit to a city where those behaviors and lifestyles are tolerated and you will witness up close and personal the depths of man’s depravity and the toxic results it breeds. Enslaved addicts, used – abused women thrown away like garbage, disease, destroyed families, crime, and moral decay everywhere you turn. That’s liberty? I think not!

 Is the church better suited to address these blights? From a spiritual stand point, yes. BUT that does not negate the government’s role to mandate law and order and DECENCY. Silence and neutrality is acceptance and endorsement.

 If Ron Paul’s perverse view and spin on individual liberty is given credence then pedophile’s can use his argument in court to make their case!

 5. RON PAUL DOES NOT PROMOTE LIBERTY. HE PROMOTES ANARCHY. Using Ron Paul’s disjointed logic and misapplication of liberty then anyone can do anything. On the surface to the casual observer Ron Paul simply seems to be promoting smaller, less intrusive government and more individual liberty. Amen. I don’t like the government invading into my life and determining that because they think the average American is too fat that all fast food, snacks, and sodas be outlawed. Nay. Nay.

 Addictive, behavioral altering narcotic drugs being legalized, as Paul advocates, is NOT the same thing! There are moral and social limits. He claims the War on Drugs is a failure. I agree. But that is only because liberal bureaucrats have been in charge of administering it. If Paul thinks that it is too expensive … wait until we see how much it costs our culture when he legalizes it.

 Every man does not have the right to do whatever he wants to do.  That’s anarchy and that IS what Ron Paul promotes whether he understands it or not. “Ye shall not do after all the things that we do here this day, every man whatsoever is right in his own eyes.” Deuteronomy 12:8

 6. RON PAUL IS INCONSISTENT ON ABORTION. Ron Paul claims to be pro-life but is officially pro-choice state by state. While using terms that pro-lifers agree with, his perverse misunderstanding of state’s right trumps his understanding of human rights.

 Some pro-lifers believe that because he has stated that life begins at conception and partial birth abortion is barbaric that he is committed to banning the practice or amending the Constitution to defend life. No.

 Ron Paul is opposed to a National Ban on Abortion. Paul wrote, “While Roe v. Wade is invalid, a federal law banning abortion across all 50 states would be equally invalid.”

 Paul does not disagree with Roe v. Wade based on Christian conviction. He opposes it as an overreach on the federal level only.

He believes the Constitution does not restrict state’s from having pro-abortion laws thus he does not believe he has the right to oppose it on the state level. Really? Apparently Paul’s Bible is the Constitution or rather his misunderstanding of it. Even if one accepts his premise that the Constitution permits it on the state level … he is apparently not committed to life and his “Christian” convictions enough to advocate an amendment change.

 7. RON PAUL WOULD NOT DEFEND ISRAEL. He advocates letting Israe ltake care of Israel and no special treatment, no aid, or assistance on our part as it would only create an “unnecessary” strain on US relations with other nations in the region. Translation: Muslims won’t like it.

 Genesis 12 makes it very clear that God promises His blessing to those people and nation’s who stand withIsrael. Again, Paul trumps the Bible for Free Trade with our allies enemies. WOW!

 8. RON PAUL IS A LIAR AT BEST OR INCOMPETENT AT WORST. The newsletters he is “sick and tired” of explaining are not going away. He claims Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks are his heroes. He then spins an answer that engages in class warfare when he states that black Americans are disproportionately incarcerated over whites. Really? And he has done exactly what over this issue?

 Ron Paul issued a newsletter over a period of ten or so years. It was filled with racist comments. He first defended it but now claims he didn’t read it and didn’t write it and doesn’t know who did though he admits it was his newsletter and not a counterfeit. Sooo, he releases a monthly newsletter for over a decade to espouse his political views to his constituents but didn’t write it or read it until years later when these allegations of racism surfaced? Really? And we’re supposed to be content with that answer?

 If newsletters under Obama’s name surfaced advocating communism and racial slurs against whites … would conservatives sit still for, “I didn’t write it and Mickey Mantle was my hero?” NO WAY!

 He’s either lying or grossly incompetent to the point that if he can’t find out who on his staff wrote those articles under his name then how can he be trusted to choose judges, ambassadors, and cabinet members?

 SUMMATION… Ron Paul was first laughed off as the old senile grandfather at family gatherings ranting about government, taxes, and politics. We smiled, nodded our heads, and privately asked Aunt Dorothy why he was still living alone and had access to an automobile.

 Now, he’s been the number two contender in two primaries and threatening an independent run which would split the GOP vote thus handing Obama a second term.

 Who supports him? Young people who want sex, drugs, and no war. Who else? Anti-government radicals, social liberals, and casually informed conservatives and Christians who think he is a limited government pro-life conservative. He’s not!

 He’s dangerous. Yes, I can say it. Why? Because it is the truth and I have the Right to the Freedom of  Speech, baby. And that IS IN the Constitution!

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