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Like the closing minutes of a great inspirational movie in the caliber of Rocky, Rudy, or the Hoosiers … the 2012 Wild Card game was NOT the Broncos vs the Steelers but rather the critics vs Tim Tebow.

He’s been insulted, vilified, and labeled a kook under the guise of sports commentary because he’s not an “NFL quality quarterback.” Really? Lampooned by late night comics like Bill Mahr for his faith and devoured by ESPN commentators, Tim Tebow was a key part to one of the great sports upsets of all time. The Steelers were going to crush the Broncos. Pittsburgh were stunned into silence by the end of the first half 20-6 Broncos. But in the second half looked as though the football gods were going to right what Tebow’s God had missed. 23-23 at the end of regulation with momentum on the Steelers side. Then Tebow did what was NOT expected. He became a top quality NFL quarterback! With precision, accuracy, and poise he found the winning play. 29-23 in the opening minutes of overtime for the win!

Immediately after the touch down the cameras found Tebow in his prayer posture.

The pundints will again lash out. Yet, no one says anything when an African American athlete “thanks” God for a win. If Tebow was bowing to Mecca as a Muslim nare a word would be said. BUT how dare he bow to Jesus! AND THAT’S THE REAL PROBLEM.

It’s Jesus.

Athiests claim they oppose all deity. Really? You never see the American Athiests or the Freedom From Religion Foundation putting up billboards mocking Allah. But they will lash out at Christ. Why? Satan doesn’t picket Santa Claus or any other fictional deities. If Jesus doesn’t exist why all the hatred? Simple … Tebow is a reminder to the intellectual elite that there is a God and His name is Jesus. That’s why the experts hate Tebow. And that’s why Tebow experiences His favor.

“Blessed are you who are persecuted for My sake … when men shall speak against you and revile for My name.”

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