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The pundits were punding, commentators were commenting, and the twenty four hour cable news channels had invaded Iowa for the 2012 GOP Caucus. It’s been depicted as a life and death struggle. Whoever emerges from here becomes RULER OF THE WORLD! -cue: sinister laugh

Okay, it’s really not quite that dramatic.

The experts had predicted a three way race emerging from Iowa with Romney, Paul, and Santorum. They were right. But what they missed was the order. They predicted Romney first, Paul second, and Santorum perhaps tied with Gingrich for third. Instead, Santorum was first. Yes, I know Mitt won by 8 votes. But he was expected to be THE guy. A victory margin of eight is supposed to make Obama quiver????

How Ron Paul got near the top is beyond me personally. He’s a doddering dolt. His leftist views of legalizing narcotic drugs, gutting the defense department, extreme State’s right position to the point of him now calling Lincoln a war criminal, claiming it’s our fault that Muslim countries hate us because we bomb them and kill their children, and the revelation that he published a newsletter for over decade filled with racist filth but claims ignorance as to who wrote the articles under his name. Let’s also remember that after being in Congress for twenty three years that he has proposed over 600 pieces of legislation. Only 1 of those passed. Not only can’t he build any coalitions to get anything, but he’s an abject failure as a leader. How does he think he could be elected? If he was … who in Washington would pay any attention to him? His loyal followers are fringe nut cases who hate the government. Period. He’s a dangerous lunatic. Did I mention he’s nuts?

People are just discovering Rick Santorum. His speech last night thanking his wife, God, and Iowan’s was from the heart and passionate. “Game On!”

Headlines today speak of Romney’s win. I disagree. Santorum won. Mitt’s eight vote margin is hardly impressive as the man pundits claim can beat Obama. While talking heads speak of Romney losing no ground – they fail to mention he didn’t gain any ground either! Santorum has the momentum now. Near last in the polls a week ago, his $30,000 door-to-door and face-to-face campaign in all 99 counties of Iowa win over Romney is extremely impressive when you realize Rick Perry spent 4 million dollars and came in fifth place out of six running there.

Perry has returned to Texas to reassess. Bachman has called for a press conference today. More than likely both are done.

Though most Iowan’s are more conservative than Romney … Romney is probably considered the safe bet. He’s pegged as the guy who can beat Obama. Mitt is a pragmatist who change, compromise, and contort his positions.  But Santorum has now proven there is a conversative people like. Oh, and Newt has vowed a scorched earth vengence against Romney which will only help Santorum. Here’s what I take out of last night and it’s not comforting to the Romney camp who expected to be the top dog, undisputed GOP nominee … he’s second choice over anyone else.  At the end of the day Mitt Romney will be the candidate only if all else fails. Not a resounding vote of confidence.

At the end of the day I will vote for whomever the GOP nominee is unless it’s Ron Paul. Then I may have to consider defecting to the Republic of Ishbomostan.

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