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As retailers wrap up Christmas with after Christmas sales … soon they will close for year end inventory. How much did they did sell? What didn’t sell? What needs to go? What needs to be added? Those questions along with profit and loss comparisons will be made as they prepare for 2012.

Paul the Apostle said that men were to examine themselves before God. In other words, we are to take a self inventory … introspection.

As we prepare for a New Year it is good time to look back on this year and ask some question… Are you closer or further from God – Is your marriage/life/career healthier or ailing – Are you learning/growing/expanding yourself or stagnating and excusing – Is what you’re doing part of His plan or your plan – Are you expecting God to do something in you and with you or have you settled and accepted what is – Is what you’re doing count for anything eternal or is it all temporal …. these and a dozen more questions could be asked.

For me… I will spend this week musing and meditating on these questions. I will begin the New Year with a time of prayer and fasting. Why? I want God’s best for the coming year. My oldest daughter will be going to college next fall, I want my marriage and family to be blessed, I will be a year older next month, and if the Lord gives me three score and ten then I am in the second half of the game of life. I want this half to make a bigger impact than the first half. Why? My Father is glorified by much fruit. Imagine, all the successes and failures of the previous half and the lessons they teach to be used in the second half (and maybe some overtime).

I have some things I believe God wants me to do and I need to make sure I am spiritually and physically ready to do them.

So, I’ll be fasting. Why fasting? This kind comes forth not simply by asking but by prayer and fasting.

————–For our nation in the coming year we need some introspection, repentance, and a new game plan


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