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…that can be the only possible explanation for why I went to the Florida Mall in Orlando 5 days before Christmas!

Is it just me or are the sales associates in these over priced name brand speciality, trendy shops lacking in -what’s the phrase- ABILITY and SERVICE??? These twenty something year olds are hired more because they look the pr images of half dressed super models on the wall than because they might actually be to help someone or know their product. When you are finally ready to check out they act as if you are interfering with their texting and iPhone Facebooking. Gee, what was I thinking? How inconsiderate of me to patronize their establishment thus providing them with EMPLOYMENT!

It seemed like the idea for a fun day… take half a day off and spend it with my bride shopping for our kids. An early dinner at Red Lobster was relaxing and enjoyable as we shared shrimp from each other’s entrees.

That was just the nourishment we need for what lay ahead at the …. MALL. Lewis Black does a hilarious routine about a street corner in Austin, Texas where there two Starbuck’s across the street from each other.  His dark humor in trying to reason out the need for the same business to be located in direct competition with another is laugh out loud funny and sadly, true.

Do you know what is directly across the hall from Abercrombie in the Florida Mall? Yup, ANOTHER Abercrombie! BOTH selling the EXACT same stuff. Why? Have the Abercrombie execs discovered we are so lazy that we won’t cross the hall at the mall to go into a store ? Or does it reveal more about us that we actually walk into both stores expecting something different? I also noticed that both Abercrombie locations as well as the Hollister store sell the same stuff, same displays, same everything EXCEPT the logo on the clothing.  Oh, and they have the same male/female Justin Beiber/Taylor Swift wannabe associates folding the same shirts. I kidd you not … I saw the same sweater, skirt display at Abercrombie AND Hollisters. SAME. I’m sorry but I thought -forgive me- they were DIFFERENT STORES!??!

American Eagle is still a logo but a bit more calm in their store presentation. Old Navy has much more budget friendly prices. Speaking of price… $90 for ripped -ooops, “distressed” – jeans? It’s not because I am a Pastor or a dad or old fashioned that mini skirts bother me. $65 for something that barely covers the essential body parts is not enough economical return for the investment. There I said it.

Let’s also keep in mind that this mall has it’s own hotel. Yup! The main lobby exits into the mall.

Have you ever wondered where circus rejects go for a job? Look no further than your local Walmart. I went there twice yesterday. First time I was looking for electronics. That was a waste of time. Then we went back for wrapping paper and boxes and stuff. The cashiers are pretty frightening. Sorry. I had to explain to one of them how to enter the number off a gift card into her register when the card swiper wasn’t working. No, I have never worked there and according to her name tag she had been there ten years. The floor associates were tired and frazzled. SO ARE US CUSTOMERS! Target employees seem more engaged, polite, and knowledgable of their store and products.

All-in-All, spending the day with my wife was fun and a great excuse to take some time off. BUT then she informed we’re not done and have to go back… NOOOOOOOO!

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