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Listening to Ann Coulter fawn over Governor Christie of  New Jersey as the only hope for America was getting sickening. Finally she stopped … Praise God!

Apparently her new love is Mitt Romney. Yup. According to Ann he is the only one among the GOP hopefuls who can articulate with the style of Reagan and take on Obama in a debate. On December 13th she appeared on Sean Hannity’s program on the FOX News Channel. She stated that Romney was the only “true” conservative in the race -besides Bachman who doesn’t stand a prayer of getting elected. Romney??? The only “TRUE” Conservative??? Is she out of her freaking mind??!!??

Many conservatives love Coulter. I have read three of her books. I found her funny, insightful at times, and totally off base at other times. What I do not find her is … conservative. Yes, you read that correctly!

Ann Coulter may cause liberals to fume at her rhetoric (which I actually doubt … I think it’s her schtik and pay check but not her core or her actual world view). She blasts liberals -which red meat eating conservatives looooove- but her lifestyle does not match her hype.

Look at who she has dated:

Bill Maher – infamous atheist and liberal pundint on HBO’s RealTime and former host of Policitcally Incorrect on ABC. Maher openly hates and mocks Christians and conservative Americans. Gee, just the kind of guy a good little conservative girl wants to build a relationship with. Sheeeesh, what was I thinking?

Dinesh D’Souza – who has been rumored to be a conservative author but whose comments on Maher’s Politically Incorrect led to its cancellation following a post 9-11 interview when he and Maher played up the “heroic” “bravery” of the terrorist hijackers. When everyone from the White House to liberal Senators were calling the attackers cowards, Maher stated that our policy of missile strikes was the cowardly provocation which initiated 9-11 to begin with. D’Souza agreed on national television with that assessment.

Bob Guccione, Jr – son of the Penthouse magazine porn king, Robert Guccione. After their breakup Coulter wrote, “Gooch was my arm candy and my boy toy…” Yes, just what every conservative father wants to hear come out of his daughter’s mouth.

Andrew Stein – former Chairman of the New York City Counsel. A proud liberal Democrat, Stein is yet another example of how Coulter talks conservative but sexes it up with liberal abandonment.

She is not a conservative. Ann may believe in fiscal responsibility and lip service to a conservative social agenda BUT her endorsements of moderates like Christie and Romney are glaring examples of her hypocrisy at best and deception to traditional value voters at worst. Sadly, Hannity giving her a platform is dangerous. She was factually inaccurate in her criticism of Newt Gingrich which Sean, I must say in his defense, did take her to task on.

Ann is either a libertarian with conservative flavorings but not a true conservative or she’s the political right’s Marjoe Gortner. Who’s he? A former preacher who allowed a film crew to do a documentary on his life which revealed his double life and the con of his revivals. It won the 1972 Academy Award for Best Documentary and ended his preaching career as he revealed himself as a fraud. Imagine the people who sat under his preaching and believed that he, too, believed it but didn’t. Is that you Ann? I hope not but your life choices and political endorsements leaves many of us scratching our heads.

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