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In today’s politically correct climate any nonsense or innocent foolishness is now criminal. A 9 year old boy was suspended three days from school for calling his teacher cute. A 6 year old girl was expelled for kissing a boy in gym class. The list of stupidity goes on.

Bullying. Now, as soon as I dive into this someone will accuse me of supporting bullies. Nothing could be further from the truth. A real problem like a child being taunted and harassed on a daily basis becomes a new crusade for the progressive’s to fix for everyone. But what usually happens is the loss of a legitimate issue to overboard extremism. Sensitivity training, zero tolerance policies, and emotional parents become the result. Now, at first each one of these responses may seem acceptable. But once you understand how they actually get implemented it is a different story. Sensitivity training to teach respect means social reprograming and acceptance of anything and everything. Boys who want to wear make up and dress like girls are to do so without a word or look from any other student. Then there are the overly sensitive teachers and staff who over react to everything. Zero tolerance sounds good. No child will be bullied or harassed. But the definition of bully is redefined. In upstate New York in a small, rural school district two seven year old boys were pushing each other in a lunch line. Typical behavior. Normal response might be a warning to stop or maybe a detention. The principal had the two boys arrested and taken away. Yup. Why? “We have a zero tolerance policy for assault.” ASSAULT? It was two little boys wanting to be first in a lunch line. Have we lost our minds in the country?

Emotional parents want meetings and discussions and endless dialog with administrators, teachers, and other parents over non issues. “My child is not as athletic as other boys. He got laughed at in gym class when he struck out. That other boy is a bully and needs to be punished or I’ll sue.” Should the coach or PE teacher instruct the students not to comment on other students? Yes. Does a child who laughs at the mistakes of others need to be taken to a concentration camp for re-education? No. Mommies need to allow their boys to grow up without coddling, excuses, and agendas aimed at emasculating boys. The jock needs to learn piano or one of the arts to hone his creativity while non athletes need to play intramural sports and develop a masculine, competitive, decisive side of their personalities.

Remember, the story of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and how he was taunted and laughed at? In today’s culture not only would the coach have been fired and the other deer sent to sensitivity training but Santa himself would be arrested. Yes, arrested.

How dare Santa not report this harassment!

Why even when he had a change of heart and accepted Rudolph’s nose it was self serving. He used poor Rudolph to pull his sleigh weighed down with the toys for the children of the world.  Inhumane. Call PETA.

Rediculous isn’t it? Yes. People need to slow down on the stupidity and rhetoric of tolerance and bullies. Should bullying be tolerated? No. But let’s establish what it actually is. Being called a name or pushed in a lunch line is not necessarily bullying. It could be isolated incidents of social misbehavior. Being taunted on a daily basis as well as being threatened is a bullying situation that needs proper attention and effective response.

In the end, arresting Santa may send a message for taunters to be more careful and cautious with the volume of their teasing but it won’t end it. Rudolph standing up for himself and proving his “weakness” was actually a strength that saved the day shut the critics up.

We should intervine when a child cannot stand up for themselves. But when they can they need to get up, stand up, and prove their detractors wrong. That stops the taunting and changes attitudes.

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