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Herman Cain is out, Pelosi and the DNC hit squad is going after Newt, conservatives don’t trust Romney, Santorum is a whiner, Ron Paul is an escaped nut case, Bachman is smart but lacks the “it” factor which attracts voters, and Huntsman is Mr. Rogers … “Now, China, I am only going to tell you one more time that you need to trade fair with the USA or you’ll be given a time out. 1 – 2 – don’t make me get to 3.”

Here’s where the GOP field is ripe for a real shake up … IF Sarah Palin jumped in!

Sarah, like Cain, has had her reputation and family dragged through the media septic process. But unlike Cain she toughed it out and keeps getting back in their faces.

I don’t know if she could pull it off BUT it would certainly shake things up and send the liberals scrambling.

Come on, Sarah… Run – Sarah – Run!

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