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With his wife of 43 years at his side, Herman Cain stepped aside in his bid for the GOP Presidential nomination on Saturday bringing to an end the fast riding Cain Train. He surged to the top of the polls in late September and fell from grace by late November following a series of alleged issues with five women ranging from sexual harassing comments, groping, and a thirteen year affair. Herman has been clear in his denials of any wrong doing and has claimed innocence.

His trouble began in October when Politico issued a series of articles alleging he sexually harassed three women when he was with the National Restaurant Association. Two of the women refused to come forward and give details or answers questions. The one woman who did come forward, Karen Kraushaar, filed harassment charges at her next job following her time at the NRA. An inter office email comparing men to computers was “harassing” to Ms. Kraushaar who lost her bid for a monetary settlement. Sharon Bialek was the next accuser to come before the press with her agent …urrr… “lawyer” Gloria Allred. She accused Cain of groping her in an automobile. Did she scream, flee, yell for help, hit him??? Nope. She said, “I have a boyfriend.” Unemployed and loving the attention, Bialek made the rounds on all the cable shows and morning talk shows. The latest unemployed, bankrupt wanna be cougar is Ginger White. She claims a thirteen year affair with Herman Cain. White says she met him across the country at hotels, conferences, and etc. Did anyone ever see them together? She produced phone receipts of 61 texts. What did the texts say? Who initiated them? IF he was paying all her bills for 13 years in exchange for sex what does that make her: a lover or a whore???

The credibility of these “women” is beyond suspect (trailer trash convention). Kraushaar lucked out with a severance package from the NRA when she claimed Cain made inappropriate gestures which were not sexual in nature. The NRA paid her to go away. Her next job said no. Bialek is a lush looking for attention and hoping for a career offer on something like the Lust Channel. She still thinks she’s a prom queen. White used Cain as a sugar daddy. When he stopped helping her and bailing her out … she accused him of an affair. Her “apology” to Mrs Cain on MSNBC was outrageous. Stating she hoped she had not caused her any pain because that was not her intent was as believable as the OJ verdict.

No one seems to care that media rushed out with these stories… NO evidence. NO fact checks or backround checks. NO proof. It was revenge for Ken Starr investigating Bill Clinton and the Swiftboat Vets taking out John Kerry. Who caredif  these women have ZERO evidence and ZERO credibility … they took out the one candidate who was NOT a Washington insider who proposed REAL change. 9-9-9 could have been the 9-1-1 we were looking for. The Washington power base within the DNC and GOP is safe. The renegade is gone. None of the other GOP candidates will be bold enough to propose real changes … just tweaking of what’s already there.

I feel like I have been kicked in the stomach with the news of Cain’s departure.

We’ve never met, but I felt like he was a friend. I understand his not wanting to subject his family to anymore of this nonsense. I enjoyed every minute I was on the Cain Train. It will be awhile before I back another candidate. But I will …

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