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December 27, 2011

As retailers wrap up Christmas with after Christmas sales … soon they will close for year end inventory. How much did they did sell? What didn’t sell? What needs to go? What needs to be added? Those questions along with profit and loss comparisons will be made as they prepare for 2012. Paul the Apostle […]


December 24, 2011

Maybe I’m feeling sentimental with this being my oldest daughter’s last full year home and all the Christmas memories and traditions we share, or I have an itch and need to scratch. Either way … here it goes: Give Santa Claus a break. Yes, this is dedicated to my Christian friends who go into melt […]


December 21, 2011

…that can be the only possible explanation for why I went to the Florida Mall in Orlando 5 days before Christmas! Is it just me or are the sales associates in these over priced name brand speciality, trendy shops lacking in -what’s the phrase- ABILITY and SERVICE??? These twenty something year olds are hired more because […]


December 19, 2011

In my ongoing efforts as a servant to you, the people …. I, your host, mentor, and guide have once again placed myself in harm’s way to bring peace and safety to your homes. I dared to ask, “which side does your toilet paper pull from?”


December 17, 2011

 In recent days, Mitt Romney has been refered to as “the most” conservative candidate running for President. IF he’s the most conservative then conservatism is in TROUBLE. He is the established Republican power elite’s pick. Why? He won’t rock the boat in Washington. Period. He will play the game. Here are a series of clips […]


December 15, 2011

Listening to Ann Coulter fawn over Governor Christie of  New Jersey as the only hope for America was getting sickening. Finally she stopped … Praise God! Apparently her new love is Mitt Romney. Yup. According to Ann he is the only one among the GOP hopefuls who can articulate with the style of Reagan and […]


December 10, 2011

In today’s politically correct climate any nonsense or innocent foolishness is now criminal. A 9 year old boy was suspended three days from school for calling his teacher cute. A 6 year old girl was expelled for kissing a boy in gym class. The list of stupidity goes on. Bullying. Now, as soon as I […]

Dealing with SIN

December 9, 2011

For I acknowledge my transgressions: and my sin is ever before me. Psalm 51:3 We have all been shocked when learning of the sin of someone we thought we knew. How could do they do such a thing? Then comes that moment when “that person” is the person looking back at us in the mirror. […]


December 6, 2011

Herman Cain is out, Pelosi and the DNC hit squad is going after Newt, conservatives don’t trust Romney, Santorum is a whiner, Ron Paul is an escaped nut case, Bachman is smart but lacks the “it” factor which attracts voters, and Huntsman is Mr. Rogers … “Now, China, I am only going to tell you […]


December 4, 2011

With his wife of 43 years at his side, Herman Cain stepped aside in his bid for the GOP Presidential nomination on Saturday bringing to an end the fast riding Cain Train. He surged to the top of the polls in late September and fell from grace by late November following a series of alleged issues […]