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Say It Aint So, Herm

Shoeless Joe Jackson was on his way to being the biggest name in baseball. Bigger than Ty Cobb or Babe Ruth. In August of 1921 he was banned from professional baseball for life for having participated in the Black Sox Scandal of 1919. Joe was one of eight  players on the Chicago White Sox who threw the World Series on purpose in a gambling scheme. He professed his innocence but his signed confession and admission of taking $5,000 was too hard to overlook. A grand jury found them innocent but the Commisioner was not so forgiving.

In a legendary encounter with a fan following his indictment Jackson was asked, “Say it aint so, Joe…”

Many of us have given Herman Cain the benefit of the doubt regarding allegations of sexual harassment from less than stellar or credible witnesses with no evidence. Now, another woman has come forward insisting they were involved in a 13 year affair. She claims she has cell phone bills which prove he text her and emails from his as well. Right now… he is again maintaining his pleas of innocence. We have not been shown the content of the emails or texts. He admits knowing her and interacting with her but denies all charges of immorality or infidelity. Many of us have gone out on a limb to defend him with our audiences and arenas of influence.

So to Herman Cain I ask… “Say it aint so, Herm … say it aint so”

For now I maintain my endorsement and support.

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