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I remember sitting in an airport in 2008 and reading a magazine article about John McCain’s Straight Talk Express being out of money and out of gas. His staff had walked and it looked as though his presidential bid within the GOP was finished. Rudy Guiliani was the favored choice among moderates (Romney) who felt he could beat Hillary. Fred Thompson was being pursued by the conservatives to get in and when he did he acted bored, disconnected, and failed to dazzle (Rick Perry). Mike Huckabee was the Christian candidate with inconsistent baggage (Michelle Bachman) like releasing killers from death row as Governor of Arkansas who killed again. Mitt Romney was feeling his way along. Huckabee and McCain teamed up, traded electoral votes during the primaries, and thus ambushed Romney. Guiliani and Thompson had quit, Huckabee had no chance, Ron Paul was an amusement but not a contender, and it wasn’t Mitt’s turn (GOP establishment is big on waiting for the approved time: George Bush Sr., Bob Dole, Gerald Ford). Ronald Reagan was not their choice. He messed up the line of succession. Herman Cain was doing the same. Then came the Bimbo Bombs in October and it knocked him off his game plan. I am sure the DNC thought it was poetic justice and sweet revenge for the Swift Boating of John Kerry but there’s a glaring difference. Kerry actually did what the Swift Boat Vets accused him of. Cain has been smeared and vilified without a shred of truth. How do I know he was lied about? Simple. Where did the bimbo’s go? Exactly. Over. Done. They’re gone. No evidence. No new shocking revelations. Gloria Allred did her job. What an advancement for women. She proved a woman can be just as dirty and deceitful as a man. It does make me think that some within the GOP assisted in taking out Cain for the purpose of giving us their approved choice (by the way … DON’T count Cain out yet). John McCain… long time public servant, former prisoner of war, and GOP loyal hack was to be THE one. Soooo, from out of nowhere he came from last in the polls to being flush with money and the GOP nominee. AFTER being written off he was the comeback kid. Come back to what? Getting his fanny spanked by Barack Obama in a slaughter that rivals what Reagan did to Carter and Mondale.

Now, all of a sudden, Newt is the guy rising. The established GOP seem to have made their choice. Yes, he has baggage. SERIOUS baggage. His record is all over the place as well as his philosophies and statements over the past three decades. He can debate. He can go head-to-head with Barack Obama. Nope. He will be the evil, rich, mean white guy the media hated when he was Speaker of the House. They will skewer him worse than anything you have ever witnessed. He will be the TARGET representing congress which Obama will use as the enemy and why he accomplished nothing. Romney will be portrayed as a softer version of Obama. The GOP experts have decided it’s Newt. So here we go … another come from behind loss!

Let the people choose. They chose Reagan. Aaaah, but that’s the rub. The establishment didn’t like Reagan. He didn’t know his place. He messed up how they operate in Washington. Newt knows how to play the crowd with the right buzz words but behind closed doors, he IS established Washington and GOP. Reagan wasn’t. Cain isn’t.

In the end … Newt can’t beat Obama. He may out debate him BUT that doesn’t matter. Barack was elected by emotion not ideals or positions. Newt may out articulate Obama on issues with substance BUT Obama is going to tap the emotion of occupiers and class envy down troddened. You need a counter candidate who can also tap those SAME emotions … HERMAN CAIN, CAN!

Cain can win and the GOP knows it. The problem: he doesn’t know his place. He might actually think he IS the President rather than a GOP CEO representing the party. The GOP would rather lose than have a rogue conservative as President. Remember, it’s not about you, me, or the country. It’s about the GOP power base. STAND UP … PUSH BACK … GET WHAT WE WANT AND NEED! DON’T SETTLE!

There won’t be a NEXT time if Barack is re-elected.

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