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Each year we gather as American families and individuals to reflect, remember, and embrace our blessings and to express our gratitude and thanks.

Many contend that Thanksgiving is traced to the Pilgrims. Not so. In fact, Thanksgiving was actually by Presidential proclamation a day of prayer that began with Washington and ended with Jefferson after siting separation of church and state. Following Presidents “encouraged” prayer but did not mandate a specific national day of prayer.

Most of the credit for the permanent establishment of a Thanksgiving holiday goes to Sarah Josepha Hale. She was the editor of Ladies Magazine. She argued for the return of a National Day of Prayer and Thanksgiving in articles and by lobbying politicians. After forty years and fiesty articles and petitions, she swayed President Abraham Lincoln. On Oct. 3, 1863, Lincoln proclaimed a national Thanksgiving Day be observed every year on the fourth Thursday of November.

There was no mention of Pilgrims or Plymouth by either Washington or Lincoln. That’s something revisionist historians would add years later.

So when you gather with friends and family today … remember you have a New England magazine editor to thank for pressuring Presidents not only to encourage a national day of prayer BUT mandating it.

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