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Whimpering, whining Ron Paul got what he wanted: attention and time to spew his off the wall, naive, and dangerous foreign policy ideas. Wolf Blitzer of CNN gave him plenty of time and directed questions to Paul since it was the Texas Senator who moaned the day after the CBS debate he only got 89 seconds of speak time. Here’s a clue as to why: NO ONE GIVES A FLIP WHAT HE THINKS!

Paul is not only “unaware” that Iran poses a nuclear threat to the USA but apparently we should legalize drugs since prescription meds kill more people than crystal meth or cocaine. If anyone can seriously vote for him after those twilight zone answers in last night’s CNN GOP debate than they are just as out of touch with reality as the absent minded  Senator is.

I am also sick of Bachman and Santorum lecturing us and why we need to continue to fund Egypt and Pakistan. News flash to the two “experienced” congressional members: YOUR ESTABLISHED POLICY DOES NOT WORK!!! WE’RE FUNDING PEOPLE WHO WANT TO KILL US!!! If they harbor terrorists like Pakistan then they are cut off financially. Rick Santorum was right on one issue. Terrorism is not who we are at war with. Terrorism is a tactic. We are at war with RADICAL Islam. Sooooo, how do we deal with that? Despite Ron Paul only wanting to deal with the aftermath and is opposed to prevention … PROFILE, PROFILE, PROFILE! Let TSA frisk, body scan, or anal cavitity search every Arab that comes through our air ports! Herman Cain advocated that without saying it.

Newt Gingrich wants compassionate immigration when it comes to deportation. Rick Perry wants to give away free education to illegals. Romney and Cain hit it square: CLOSE THE BORDERS FIRST. Then decide to what do with those illegals who are already here.

John Huntsman people can’t understand why he hasn’t climbed out of the basement since he’s a “real” conservative. Really??? Do I laugh now or later? Huntsman is too worried about other countries think of us. He opposes water boarding and other policies because of what our ENEMIES and funded friends think …. like China. John Kerry worried about what France thought. Obama worries about what Islamic countries think. Huntsman is worried about what a Communist country that exports sex slaves, steals our intellectual property, steals our jobs and spies on us … HIT THE ROAD HUNTS-DUNCE!

Bottom line… foreign policy is always in flux. So, NO, I am not too worried about Cain’s lack of experience. As a CEO he will find the right people to help guide him on foreign affairs. The main governing principle in foreign policy is simple: Protect American Interests. PERIOD.

Any GOP contender other than Huntsman will run circles around Obama.

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