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The Bible states that we speak the things we have seen and heard. In other words, what we absorb becomes who we are. “As a man thinks in his heart so is he.”

Barack Obama has sympathetic views of Islam because of his father. For twenty years he sat under the preaching of Jeremiah Wright at the United Trinity Christian Church in Chicago. Wright is a proponent of the Black Liberation Gospel which was a response to Malcom-X and the Nation of Islam. In short, after X presented Christianity as a White only religion, Black Liberation Gospel taught that God was black, Jesus was black, and salvation is for the black man first. Only those whites who repent of being white can be saved.

Jeremiah went on infamous rant against the USA and evil white men. Where do you think Obama got the idea of class warefare that has led to occupiers on our streets and riots on our campuses?

Listen for yourself…

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