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How To Talk With A Moderation Conservative If You Must

I have always enjoyed it when Ann Coulter comes on Fox news or with Hannity and blasts the liberal left for their  latest stupidity. Her books have been a great read. She’s sarcastic, sharp, and studied on the subject matter. Her book How To Talk To A Liberal If You Must was engaging, entertaining, and enlightening … about HER.

I was sickened last night as I heard her endorse Mitt Romney. Really? Just a few weeks ago she wasn’t voting for anyone IF Cristie didn’t run. Her reasonings for Cristie and/or Romney seem to be that because they were governors they have the experience for the country. Nay. Nay. I’m not buying it. They are fiscal conservatives but social moderate/liberals.  She was talking about how Romney learned as governor to work with the other party and get things done. Compromise values, compromise convictions, and compromise conservatism and MAYBE the Dems throw you a bone. Funny, how they never (even when they aren’t the majority) never concede anything but WE concede almost everything just to gain their one or two extra votes. HOG WASH!

Coulter revealed herself as a moderate last night on Hannity. Yes, she wants to win and beat Obama. WE ALL DO. Yes, we will support whoever the GOP nominee is BUT right now … let’s get it right. Her assesment that only Romney can debate Obama is asinine. First, Newt would run intellectual circles around Barack but Newt’s baggage is going to knock him out faster than Rick Perry. When Cain stays simple, focused, and targeted in his answers it would be “See ya Barack!” Brush him up on foreign policy (a non factor in this election as long as unemployment and the economy dominate peoples’ minds) which always in flux aand changing anyway.

Ann also asserted that Romney is the first candidate in the Republican ranks since Reagan who can speak. HE DOESN’T GET GRILLED ON ANYTHING! Everything is a softball question where he can recite his rehearsed lines from his plastic Ken doll personna.  You’d almost think the media is trying to pick the GOP nominee… Noooooooooo

Obama will paint and portray Romney has a softer, whiter version of himself! Yes, you read that right. Romeny’s record as governor of Mass was inline with Senator Barack Obama. By convenience and for the campaign Romney has had a come to Jesus the Conservative experience.

Over the summer Coulter was holding out for a “real” conservative. Cristie? Now, Romney??

I have forgotten if she dated Bill Maher or Keith Olberman … maybe both. Now, there’s an example of a lapse in judgment. Both of them are liberal brain trusts which makes them educated idiots.

Ann has drawn the ire of people on the left for her caustic, sarcastic tones and assesments of them and their policies. But at the end of the day … she has allowed her conservatism to be moderated. So, with all the warm fuzzy Coulter sarcasm I can muster, “Ann, ditch the 70’s style retro  Cher hairdo and join us in the twenty first century where liberalism and moderation have destroyed our way of life.”

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