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Twittering Tweets with Twits

Twisiting the truth and teaming tragedies tend to top the tweets on Twitter.

Okay… I can’t do “T” words anymore or my brain will melt. I like Twitter … at a distance. Some days people feel led to tweet everything they’re doing or thinking at every moment of the day. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD ……………STOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!

I care not you’re at the drug store and can’t make up your mind which cough syrup you need. Nor do I want to hear every Hallmark greeting card philosophical view of life that can fit onto a bumper sticker you’ve ever seen or read. STOOOOOOOOOOOP!

From texts to tweets … with all the new forms of communication we have now people seem to have NOTHING to say. Oh, they have volumes of endless, useless information to pump out but little substance that is truly thought provoking.

Imagine if GOD tweeted or Thomas Jefferson or Abraham Lincoln. Instead we get ditties like @PhilBobtheOzarkProphet “Life is more frightening than a fat woman in labor” or “Going to the mall and then to Asian Drive Thru Kung Fu Carry Out” from @NoLifeLarry

Preachers, if you’re tweeting  every hour about what you’re doing for the Lord that day … get busy because apparently you’re not doing enough.  Individuals, no one cares that your 8 year old with missing front teeth can whistle the entire score to Fiddler on the Roof (well that’s kind of novelty cool in a nerd sort of way).

We all have to learn a new skill … substance speech. Remember when you’re mother told if you didn’t have something nice then say nothing at all. Today it’s if you have something to tweet … DON’T! It’s probably stupid, useless, and pointless.

There. I vented. I feel much better.

Now I need to tweet this…

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