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Is Clark Kent actually Superman or is Superman really Clark Kent? You might be thinking, “What difference does it make?”

If you’re like me you loved Superman as a kid. Every afternoon no matter what me and the guys were doing or playing around the neighborhood, everything stopped for thirty minutes when we got to the nearest TV set and watched The Adventures of Superman on WPIX out of New York City. The old George Reeves shows had corny plots, cheap sets, and predictable outcomes BUT we loved it!

Clark Kent was the mild mannered reporter who could take off his glasses, jumped into a phone booth, and emerge as Superman.

The story line is simple… Superman is from another planet and uses his alias as Kent to blend into everyday life in the City of Metropolis.

In life we have set others’ up to be our Superman. It can be a pastor, a mentor, a coach, or a leader… We convince ourselves they are impervious to sin, temptations, and vices. After all … supermen have powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men. Don’t they? When one of our supermen reveals he’s actually a Clark Kent, we are devastated. If we don’t how to process those feelings of hurt and betrayal we can become bitter and cynical.

Some failings are innocent and just a glimpse of our human side. Some are dark and sinful which is a glimpse of the disparity of our hearts. But at the end of the day, people are human. They are Clark Kent. WE made them Superman. And when we find out our Superman can’t fly, nor bend steel in his bare hands, nor speed faster than a bullet … we get mad at Superman and call him a fake and phony and a fraud. What if he isn’t a fake but real … very, very real and that’s what WE can’t handle? We can’t handle the FACT that he isn’t a superman. He’s human. He’s Clark Kent.

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