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Sunday night, Halloween Eve 2011, The Politico reported that two women accused GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain of inappropriate comments and sexual harassment when he served as President of the National Restaurant Association in the 1990’s. Cain spent Halloween making the rounds throughout the day on cable news talk shows doing interviews and answering the charges.

On Wednesday a former NRA staffer was interviewed on an Iowa radio station that he had witnessed some of Cain’s inappropriate behavior. By Thursday another woman claimed she too had been harassed by Cain at the NRA but never filed charges.

Critics of Herman Cain have claimed that he keeps changing his story in each interview or speech. Politico contends they gave Cain ten days to respond before running the story. Cain counters that he is clarifying his statements. He has blamed the mainstream media, racism from the left, and even GOP rival Rick Perry for leaking the story to Politico. So now what? Is he guilty? Is he innocent?

Let’s break this down…

Three women have claimed harassment from Cain when he was at the NRA. Yet, in his forty two years in the private sector working for the Department of the Navy, Vice President of Burger King, and CEO of Godfather’s Pizza there has never been a hint of any inappropriate behavior. The women are anonymous and sources are unnamed by Politico. So Cain is expected to shadow box.

The first two women were given severance packages from NRA. Neither case went to court. The first case was determined to be baseless. So why the pay outs? Corporations would rather pay someone to go away then litigate for years costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, perhaps millions, and spending time, money, and manpower. Neither party admits wrong doing in these cases and each woman was given a full year’s salary. One of the women has a lawyer fishing for a book and TV interview deal. Wonder what her motive is?

Bottom line… Cain denies these charges. There is NO supporting evidence. It is a He Said / She Said scenario. The former NRA staffer who was interviewed on radio now works for the Perry Campaign. Gee, hmmmm….

This is Clarence Thomas all over again. Today on Politics Nation, host Al Sharpton admonished Cain to be honest and forthright with the facts. Sharpton advocating honesty is like Fat Albert representing Weight Watchers.

Sadly, Politico released a story with NO evidence. Accusations are not evidence. The NRA choosing to settle is a daily business decision across the country. A friend of mine who works in talk radio has his show syndicated by a media corporation. From time-to-time kooks and crackpots have wanted to sue him for comments he made on the air to them. The media corp legal department handles it. Settlements are given to make these people go away and business life to continue. Most major corporations have a budget line for such cases. The fact Cain did not know all the details initially is not uncommon. Others handle the complaints and dealt with the details.

Being a non career politician, Cain should have gathered all his information before doing interviews. It gave the appearance of being illprepared and changing his story. Many have come forward to stand with Herman Cain. Conservative voices like Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, and Sean Hannity have defended him. While Sharpton blasted him from running from reporters, he apparently has missed the two dozen interviews he’s done in 48 hours on Fox, PBS, and CNN. Sorry, Al, he didn’t feel the need to address your 6 viewers.

At the end of the day how would you handle being labeled guilty and having to prove your innocense on TV? Funny, Obama never grilled like this over his associations and beliefs during the ’08 campaign. No matter what Cain says, his enemies will never accept it. He needs to get back to the campaign and his message.

If you have ever been falsely accused you can understand the frustration. Almost as bad is when you have done wrong but others add to the story and embellish the facts. When you attempt to clarify you are called a liar. Amazing.

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