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Hope, Faith, Charity

Charity Faith Braemer is 11 years old today. She was the final addition to the Braemer Brood. On Friday night she had a slumber party with giggling, snickering girls from school. They played Twister, made personal pizzas, went to the movies, and back to the house for Wii games.  It’s hard for me to believe that my youngest baby is not a baby any longer. Next year it will be Junior High and then (wait … can’t think about it).

Happy Birthday Baby Girl

May your day be filled with the wonders and joys and blessings that God has given to your mother and me when He entrusted you to us. We love you. From the moment you could talk you asserted your independence and confidence. As you surrender those qualities to the Lord, He will use you in amazing ways to do amazing things.

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