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9-9-9 is the 9-1-1 for our ECONOMY!

The liberal media laughed following the Washington Post – Bloomberg TV debate on October 11th. Their snickers were directed at Cain and his 9-9-9 Plan. Picking up the line “sounds like the price of a pizza” the left talking heads on MSNBC were still laughing into Wednesday afternoon. Then it happened. A new poll came out. Herman Cain bumped off Mitt Romney for the top spot on the GOP Nominee scale. The laughing stopped.

Most pundits on the left and right picked Romney as the winner of the debate at Dartmouth. Why? He didn’t screw up. He also didn’t answer direct questions he didn’t like either. With the style of Bill Clinton and the cool, calm of a seasoned politician … Mitt can laugh his way right around a question and change the topic without answering. He needs to. If anyone on the right in conservative media ever gets the brass to call him out on his record he’s done! He’s a northeast moderate which means he’s a liberal. Period.

Cain took a lot of heat over his 9-9-9 Plan. In fact it drew criticism from Bachman, Romney, and Santorum. Santorum??? A guy who holds the record for the largest LOSS for an incumbent Senator really needs to NOT give advice to a man like Herman Cain on what will and won’t get passed or work.  Michelle Bachman derided Cain’s plan as a “tax plan but not a job’s plan.” Cain missed an opportunity to hit that tee ball out of the park, but he was drawing heat from three directions at once and not being given a chance to respond until he requested it. Michelle, with all due respect, let’s be real clear… IT IS NOT THE JOB OF THE PRESIDENT OR THE GOVERNMENT TO CREATE JOBS! That’s what the left wants to do. Pelosi, Biden, and Obama think it’s about job creation. NO!

Okay, history lesson… when Ronald Reagan ran for President his rival was George Bush. Remember what Bush called Reagan’s trickle down economics dubbed Reaganomics? “Voo-Doo Economics!” Bush became Reagan’s running mate and the voo doo worked. Reagan did not run on a creating jobs campaign. He ran on a simple idea: Government was too big and spent too much money. He wanted to get the government off people’s backs and out of their pocket books (tax cuts) and out of their way (deregulation). What happened? Economic boom and unprecedented job creation and growth.

Shame on Michelle Bachman, the Tea Party darling, for espousing a liberal concept of economics. The next President doesn’t need to create jobs. He needs to cut corporate taxes, get governmental restrictions to a bare bones minimum, and get out of the way so American individuals and businessmen can do what they do best … BUSINESS!

Romney couldn’t answer Cain’s simple question about his own economic which takes a hundred pages to explain. He mumbled and chuckled about serious problems need more than simplistic answers. An obvious jab at the 9-9-9 Plan.

Everyone on that platform, with the exception of Herman Cain, was offering a rewording of the same old been there, done that, let’s tweak again, and do it again. THAT’S WHY WE’RE IN THIS MESS! Herman’s plan is not simple. It’s bold. It’s daring. It’s a TOTAL 180 degree change from business as usual. 9% Corporate Tax, 9% Personal Tax, 9%  National Sales Tax.

Santorum’s questioning to the audience, “who wants this” was Bush calling out Voo Doo Economics. NOW we see the wisdom of Reagan. Bachman claims she’s worried about giving Washington another revenue stream. Really? Is she that clueless? What about the fees and hidden taxes?! At some point they will impose a national sales tax. Do you want it to happen under their terms or ours? Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 is the 9-1-1 for our dying economy. Yes, it’s drastic, bold, daring, new, different, and REASONABLE! Raising revenue without raising taxes. Nearly 50% of Americans pay NO tax. Now everyone will pay something. Isn’t that fair? When they say it falls short of projected revenue needed they are missing two key factors: 1) SPENDING CUTSwho says the budget has to stay at the level it’s at  2) BROADER TAX BASE –  a sales national tax means EVERYONE is paying somethingMORE REVENUE.

Sorry, Romney. You may have the Ken doll plastic hair and smile … Mr. Politician out of the box with no assembly required … and the skill of a Bill Clinton to say what you need to say to the audience you’re performing for with the moderate convictions of an Obama on most social issues …. BUT calling Cain’s plan simple was just plain stupid on your part. In my next article I will outline why the liberal media wants us to pick Romney and why they fear Cain.

We have tried adjusting tax rates, lowering this, raising that, loop holes, exemptions, waivers … STOP the insanity! Repeating the same behavior over and over which doesn’t work is the definition of dysfunction.  Washington is the breeding ground for dysfunctional ideas. Step aside and let the Godfather in. Cain is able!

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