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Wasted Grace

Does God know everything? Yes. He is the omniscient all knowing Divine Creator and God of the universe. Did He know that someone He commissioned into service would fail and even fall? Again, yes. So God called someone He knew didn’t meet the criteria? Yes again.  Now, you may argue that when He called them they were in compliance with the regulations. In other words, they met the qualifications. BUT GOD knew what they were going to do, what sins they would commit, what pain they may cause but yet He called them anyway.

Can one permanently disqualify himself from service or full time vocational ministry like the office of Pastor? Surely. If one remains unrepentant, in direct defiance to the Word of God regarding his or her sin and its consequences they have removed themselves from useful service. If they have repented, sought forgiveness, and submitted themselves to spiritual, scriptural authority for accountability and restoration they can be restored to a place of service and even the pastorate. Scripture never indicates that one who has sinned and disqualified himself from office has done so permanently. If that be the case then what’s the point of mercy and grace in the life of the believer? If restoration means only back to fellowship with God but not back to full time ministry nor scriptural office then that is a shallow understanding of Galatians 6 and a shallower appreciation for grace.

No man meets all the criteria. That’s the point. Man needs God to do it. God gives man His grace to sustain him, embolden him, and to qualify him. Any pastor you can think of has done something that has actually disqualified him for ministry.

Should he ignore it, shrug it off, and pretend everything is okay? No. Deal with it. Confess it. Get cleansed of it. Be done with it. Should he spend the rest of his life ashamed to the point of being self restricted from engaging in ministry again? No.

Let God’s grace lift the burden. He called. He invested. Living in guilt, self imposed never ending penance, and heeding the condemning words of the eternally miserable is a waste of grace. It’s condemnation and bondage.  Let go of what you have confessed. Be free in His forgiveness. Get back where you need to be with Him and for Him.

Embrace His Grace.

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