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When I was in grade school there was this girl who constantly stuck her tongue out at me, gave me dirty looks, and would tattle on anything I did to the teacher. I complained one night to my mother who told me, “she likes you.” WHAT??!! I thought my mother was crazy. Turns out she was right.

Some thirty odd years later nothing has changed. There are a couple of “passed” middle age women who are either bored, tired, or frustrated with life who have decided that nagging me online gives them meaning and purpose in life. Now, they say they don’t like me, yet I seem to be the subject of many of their conversations and the object of their attention in their forums. I guess Sassy Suzie Slater never really goes away or knows how to accurately express her feelings.

I know they were refused membership in the Justin Beiber Fan Club but their preoccupation with me ….. sorry. My life is full with my wife, family, ministry, and radio program. The next time they decide to lecture me about the words of Paul the Apostle they might do well to remember that he said to women, “Got a question? Go home and ask your husband.”

In other words… get a life.

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