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Can You Hear Me Now?

I have been known to irritate and upset people with my opinions.  Usually it’s limited to frustrated females on internet forums who think they can school me on everything from politics to theology. What they don’t realize is that … number 1 I don’t care what they think and number 2 I am smarter than they are and have forgotten more about the subject than they will ever know.

But now with my radio program almost finished in its transitioned format from Biblical life lessons with Christian music mixed in to Extreme Right Wing Politics … I am now fielding live phone calls with no call screener. On Monday I will be finishing the calls by the liberal drive by maniacs who scream something and hang up. I will FINISH what they were going to say if they had stayed on the line. It’s gonna be fun …. DRIVE @ 5 at 5:00PM across central Florida.

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