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GOP Comes to Florida

Al Sharpton joked today that the GOP candidates would be debating in Mickey Mouse’s, Donald Duck’s, and Goofy’s backyard as they met up in Orlando. Those three cartoon characters are still smarter than Obama, Biden, and Pelosi. The three Disney icons are part of a profitable multi-billion dollar empire. The three Washington stooges are responsible for the collapse of the American empire in business and with our economy. All things considered … the GOP candidates were in better company.

This will not be an extensive nor indepth analysis of the debate but rather my take and my insight to the bigger picture for Florida.

The Field…

RICK PERRY doesn’t have it. He stumbles over his words. He tries to “take it” to Romney who blew him off with comments like “not even close” which drew thunderous applause . If he can’t land a glove on Romeny then he won’t touch Obama in a debate. RICK SANTORUM put Perry on the ropes over illegal aliens, borders, and subsidized free education and health care for illegals in Texas. Perry was angry, defensive and LOST the argument.  MIT ROMENY roper doped Perry on Social Security. Perry needs to step out … NOW.

MICHELLE BACHMAN made an excellent point at the end challenging Conservatives to hang in there and not settle fro a Rino Republican (a shot at Romney) because Obama’s numbers are going to continue to plummet. But she is dropping as well.

RON PAUL is just too weird. And he looks like Uncle Henry from the Wizard of Oz. He’s too naive on Foreign Policy and American interests abroad.

MIT ROMNEY looks the part and is polished and well spoken but… there’s just something I can’t put my finger on. He’s right on Israel but his Romneycare for Mass was THE model for Obamacare. Period.

NEWT gives direct, articulate, common sense answers without any politician double speak.

HERMAN CAIN is THE man in my book! Four other candidates on the platforum picked him as their VP. His 9-9-9 Plan is simple and will work. After watching his debate with Bill Clinton over Hillarycare in the 90’s and this week he went to Israel … this is a smart CEO who is well educated, well traveled, and he’s got the leadership. He’s my guy for the Primary season. I love his simple, practical, real life approach to governing and getting this nation moving again. Abolish the EPA and start over was THE idea of the night.  He’s a cancer survivor and he attributes that to NOT having had Obamacare. He has had THE line of the campaign, “Stupid people are ruining America.” Yup!

All the candidates agreed that to get the economy moving again means a complete repeal of Obamacare as businesses spoke loud and clear this week as that being their NUMBER 1 reason they are not hiring or expanding. And they agreed to abolish Federal Education oversight and give parents vouchers for school choice. AMEN!


I was in New York during Bush/Gore. We cannot have a repeat of that. NO hanging chads … NO elderly voting for the wrong people and wanting a new ballot … NO union thugs scaring off GOP voters from polling places. We need to get this right. It needs to be a swift, decisive VICTORY for the GOP and clear defeat for Obama.

Borrowing from Ronald Reagan with a slight edit for relevancy, “When your brother-in-law is unemployed that’s a recession. When you are unemployed that’s a depression. When Obama is unemployed that’s recovery!”

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