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When it works … it’s EASY!

There’s a national chain store which features an “Easy” button in their advertising campaign. The message is simple … if you let them do the work it’s easier on you. Great concept.

I hate weed whackers. You know …. those gas operated lawn tools that whip thick like fishing line at 200 rounds per second designed to clip the weeds next to fences, buildings, and around to get at places with the lawn mower. Over the years I have owned a few. My first one was a Toro. I bought it about a year after I began pastoring in New York. It had issues I created. Instead of having a can of mix ready, I would pour straight gas into it and then a cap full of 2 cycle mix and swish it around in the fuel tank. Yeah, stupid. It last two seasons. By the time it was done it looked like a hand held crop duster it blew so much white smoke from the gummed up carburator. My next one was great. It was an inexpensive Weed Eater from Walmart. It lasted about four years until my daughter knocked the head off and snapped the shaft. The next three (Walmart) I owned rolled off the assembly line in hell. They were miserable. Hard to start. Hard to keep running. By the time you got them running you were too exhausted to use them.

Today I changed brands. I went to Lowes and bought a Bolens. I opened the box and it was already assembled … I knew I was about to be blessed. After priming it it fired on the third pull and was ready to work. I wish I could do the Tim Allen cave man grunt here BUT it was stinking amazing!!!!

When something works like it is supposed to … everything else is easier.

When I am what I supposed to be … it makes things easier for the other people in my life. When I’m off … it effects them as well. Make life easier today for somebody else. Be what you’re supposed to be and give them an amazing day.

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