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Love Me Less

Pro 27:6 “Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.”

Recently I heard someone use the phrase, “I am going to speak the truth in love…” and it got me thinking: what does that actually mean?

This person was obviously getting ready to say something that wasn’t nice or pleasant. They used the above phrase to soften the blow and keep themselves from getting too angry or emotionally drawn in. There was a time, not too long ago, that in the church world when you wanted to talk about someone but didn’t want to appear to being a gossip you shared their saga as a “concern” or as a prayer request. It seems people caught onto that so on to a new catch phrase … the “truth” in love.

Now, let me state here I have no malice or ax to grind with anyone. This is a phrase I have heard here and there throughout the years and hearing it again recently got me thinking about its meaning and application. If you think I am talking about you … stop reading. This is nothing more than a topic of conversation and some personal observations from me to pass on to my readers. 

Back to the topic…

I could walk through several scenarios or stituations where this method0logy might be employed but for sake of space and this article … let me confine my comments to one spectrum of thought and that’s this: it’s simply a new way to spread gossip or talk about someone who’s not around. Instead of sharing it as a bogus prayer request you state details from your perspective as objective truth with selective caution as to not appear gleeful at the opportunity to talk about someone you don’t really care for. How do I know that’s the case and you don’t care for them? Scripture.

If you loved them … you wouldn’t talk about them or what they did. James 5:20, I Peter 4:8

If you really were interested in settling the issue you would go directly to them and not someone else. Proverbs 25:9

Proverbs 27:6 is pretty clear. Only a friend can speak the truth in love directly to the other friend. Non friends are not speaking the truth in love. They could be engaged in gossip or talebearing or venting or just speaking the truth. Love comes from friendship and relationship with up’s and down’s.

If you wanna talk smack about someone … do it. But do it honestly and call it for what it really is and “love” ain’t it.

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