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I Called It!

Your humble host of the DRIVE @ 5 called the Solyndra Scandal first.

The same guy who picked this bankrupt business as the poster child for the new “green” industries of the future wants Congress to pass his jobs bill. Let’s see … we’re supposed to trust him with 455 billion when he just lost the tax payers 500 million. Hmmmm

You just gotta love Obamanomics.

He supports and promotes all the programs and legislation that KILLS  business and hurts the middle class tax payer BUT with a straight face looks into the TV camera through the plexiglass of his telepromter and tells America he knows what’s best for us.

His Marxist, socialist agenda has killed the free market system (by design). The puppet masters’ who pull his strings and propped him up as President now have a dilema. The right knew he did not have the credentials to be President but to the left oligarchy rulers he was perfect … an blank canvas that could be anything to anyone. He could be elected. It was one more step toward making the US a Marxist country.

The problem is that America is no longer clueless as to who he is and what he’s about.

That’s not a problem for the Oligarchy that picked him and promoted him into office. They knew he’d be found out eventually. He was simply their pawn to moving America closer to socialism. Their problem was not the Right or the Tea Party or conservative talk radio … their problem was Obama. He thinks he’s President. No, he’s their toy but he’s not playing by their rules now.

He has become so unpopular that their agenda is in danger of being rolled back to the point they may have to start all over. They didn’t care if they didn’t get everything now as long as America was being inched closer. But Obama has awoken the sleeping giant even within the disconnected and now all their gains are in danger of being lost, soooo he’s gotta go (defeated as President).


First, the GOP wanted an investigation into Solyndra being given a government guaranteed loan of half a billion dollars. Then the FBI got involved. Now the Treasury department has stepped in. It ain’t a Ken Starr type of investigation anymore. This is no longer a tea party/Fox news story.

The wagons are NOT being circled to protect him by his protectors.

This is a directed hit piece ordered by the behind the scenes puppet masters of the Puppet and Chief. In other words, take him down before he takes their whole agenda and gains down!

Let’s see if I’m right as usual on this…

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