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Climate Change or Judgment Time?

In the GOP Presidential Debate on Wednesday night from the Reagan Library, TX Governor Rick Perry was asked how he could reject 95% of the scientific world on the subjects of climate change and evolution. He asnwered in generalities when asked which specific scientist dissenter influenced his decision.

As I watch the horrific pictures of floods and entire townships washed away in the Northeast, especially in rural upstate New York, I am reminded of the scriptural words that it shall rain on the just and the unjust. When Governor Andrew Como signed same sex marriage into law he sealed the fate of the Empire state. Excelsior, meaning onward and upward, is now in a downward spiral. New York City Mayor Bloomberg’s refusal to allow any mention of God or prayer during the 10th anniversary of 9-11 sends a clear message: God Not Wanted in New York!

His response… when was the last time a hurricane off the Bahama’s near the coast of Florida veered away from the sunshine state and made it’s way all the way up the east coast and targeted NYC and the Catskill/Adirondack  mtn region?

The town I pastored in for over 15 years was evacuated as the banks of the Mohawk River spilled over. Towns where I have pastor friends have been devestated. An entire city in Montgomery county of New York was closed today. I spent over an hour on the telephone today with several different people I used to pastor.  On the one hand it was good to hear that they were individually okay, but the concern for family and friends who were not okay was very plain.

Prayers for them…

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