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Smart Phone Ministry

Mitt Romney recently began touting a new line, “President Obama is trying to use a pay phone solution in a smart phone world.”  There is certainly some truth to that. I even see this in the church. Yes, today I am going to shine some light on one of OUR sacred cows … MISSIONS. While it may still seem like a noble and worthwhile thing for a man or woman or family to say goodbye to loved ones here and go somewhere over there and serve … I find it less than effective.

Yes, I think missions ought to be effective. If a church is going to invest hundreds and thousands of dollars into it then they have every right to expect  it to be productive.

How productive and effective is it for a man to go four years to college, then spend three to four more years raising support on deputation, and then additional training in language and culture once he’s finally there only to have to start over raising support because churches drop off do to lack of fruit from the missionary? In two words: It’s Not!

It makes Christians here “feel good” that they did something about helping poor countries in need of the gospel. It’s liberalism. Yes, you read it right so pick yourself up off the floor. It is nothing more than through money at a problem to feel better but never really track for results and effectiveness. If one asks how many “souls” have been converted or what the missionary has accomplished he is looked at by the true supporters of missions as a renegade for daring to ask.

Some missionaries are on extended vacations. They settle into the culture and live their lives on someone else’s dime. All in the name of doing God’s work. HOGWASH!

Some missionaries make a career out of conferences, speaking, dining out with pastors, and talking missions but do very little of it. They are on eternal deputation and fund raising. Funny how much time they have while state side for all kinds of ventures and side businesses but not local church evangelism (you know … LOCAL missions).

Pastor Guy Beaumont recently wrote on his FB page “How does a man who has been on vacation on the mission field for 15 years and done nothing expect to be taken seriously by God and the church when he changes fields … for what? To be a vacationer someplace else?” Sadly, the church supports it. Why? Liberalism. They can FEEL like they did something to spread the gospel but don’t bother them with pesky details like no churches started, no conversions, and nothing going on EXCEPT sending some guy a check.

Now, most missionaries are sincere and honorable men. But is it effective? Smart Phone Missions…. find a national pastor or ministry in that country already doing the job and support them! No language or custom barriers AND they can do it for far less money than moving someone with an American appetite and needs to a strange new world. The only time a missionary is needed is if it is a totally unreached area. And that doesn’t mean by “my brand only” mentality. If there is no gospel presentation then send someone. Otherwise support a work that’s there!

I love how Dr Bill Doughtery and Dr Mike Pepper are reaching Africa. They for a few short weeks and win hundreds to Christ, train a national to pastor the converts, and move on. They have started dozens and dozens of churches which are now starting more churches! That’s effective and fruitful.  Pastor Leroy Eldridge takes his 40 years of ministry experience to closed door nations and trains nationals to reach their people. POWERFUL! Oh, and effective.

It’s time for the church to get with it. Even God likes results.

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