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Preying In America

From time-to-time the news media will run a feature on a large ministry or preacher whom they deem is getting rich off the poor. “Sow that seed and reap a blessing.” The lines that put Jim Bakker in jail. He was vilified as taking the last dollar from little old ladies on social security.

Then the media, along with the liberal left, will vilify rich corporate CEO’s and business leaders for preying on the working poor. How dare those jet owning fat cats set wage limits and actually expect people to work for a living. -sarcasm intended-

This Labor Day Weekend, my family and I went to Daytona Beach for some fun in the sun. We stayed at an ocean side resort where we grilled, chilled, swam, surfed, and played shuffle board. On Saturday night we ventured downtown for fireworks over the Atlantic. There’s a large boardwalk with gift shops, pizza places, arcades, and amusement rides. My kids really enjoy the sidewalk performers. This year’s magician wasn’t as good as last year’s juggler who swallowed fire, swords, and juggled running chain saws. Nope, not kidding.

My son, Andrew, wanted to play a game of pinball on a “real” pinball machine. The only pinball he has ever played, and he’s 13, is virtual pinball on a video game. So we looked through the arcades until we found one and only one working pinball machine. He really enjoyed it. As he played I looked around at the waste of humanity around us. It was sad and scary at the same time. People who were homeless, addicted to crack or whatever, prostituting themselves and etc… taking the last of their money and feeding into these machines to win tickets to redeem them for cheap knock off Ipods and whoopee cushions. I thought … pimping the poor on the boardwalk.  Small infants and toddlers attached to dregs of society who were smoking, drinking, and wasting the last of their meager existence. Who does an expose on the scum that makes money of this misery? My kids wanted to ride the Tilt-A-Whirl … $4.00 each which would have been $16.00. But hey … for $35.00 they could get an all day wrist band … for 6 rides. Yeah, I don’t think so. BUT the line for the ticket booth was long and deep. People who looked like they slept under the pier and hadn’t had a bath in  years stood there rolling out their dollars. It was their Labor Day Holiday fun.

Somewhere there is someone who is making it rich off those slum dogs’ vacations. At least the preacher gives people hope and the corporate CEO gives them a job. What are they predator pimps giving them besides lifting them of the burden of the last of their welfare and unemployment checks???

Labor Day in America … Obama style

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