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Lean On The Tea Party

September 30, 2011

On Thursday edition of the DRIVE @ 5 I featured sounds clips of Morgan Freeman, one of the finest dramatic actors in America, from his role as Joe Clark in Lean On Me. Clark was an inner city school principal who showed minority students that discipline was not the enemy of enthusiasm and success along […]

Wasted Grace

September 28, 2011

Does God know everything? Yes. He is the omniscient all knowing Divine Creator and God of the universe. Did He know that someone He commissioned into service would fail and even fall? Again, yes. So God called someone He knew didn’t meet the criteria? Yes again.  Now, you may argue that when He called them […]

Internet Groupies

September 26, 2011

When I was in grade school there was this girl who constantly stuck her tongue out at me, gave me dirty looks, and would tattle on anything I did to the teacher. I complained one night to my mother who told me, “she likes you.” WHAT??!! I thought my mother was crazy. Turns out she […]

Can You Hear Me Now?

September 25, 2011

I have been known to irritate and upset people with my opinions.  Usually it’s limited to frustrated females on internet forums who think they can school me on everything from politics to theology. What they don’t realize is that … number 1 I don’t care what they think and number 2 I am smarter than […]


September 24, 2011

If you listened to the Drive @ 5 on Friday you know that I officially endorsed Herman Cain as the GOP nominee for President. If you have been on my website ( since Thursday night you now we now feature a link to Cain’s website. Herman Cain is a man of character with a proven track […]

Qualifying the Qualification

September 24, 2011

 The main body of this entry is a reprint from an article I wrote entitled Blameless. I Timothy 3:1-7 outlines the characteristics of a Pastor. The first requirement for this high office that Paul states right out of the gate must be met  is for the occupant to be blameless. I personally believe that when God inspired His […]

GOP Comes to Florida

September 23, 2011

Al Sharpton joked today that the GOP candidates would be debating in Mickey Mouse’s, Donald Duck’s, and Goofy’s backyard as they met up in Orlando. Those three cartoon characters are still smarter than Obama, Biden, and Pelosi. The three Disney icons are part of a profitable multi-billion dollar empire. The three Washington stooges are responsible […]

Central Florida Children’s Home

September 22, 2011

On Wednesday, September 21st I interviewed Mat Ward of the Central Florida Children’s Home. This is an incredible ministry. Listen to the interview and let God speak to your heart.

I Miss Fall

September 22, 2011

I hate winter in snow country. Why? Live there for a few years then ask that question again. I lived most of my life in upstate New York. I spent four years in the midwest and then back to new York. One thing those two regions have in common: SNOW! I do not miss snow. […]

I Failed…

September 19, 2011

Never easy to admit. The hardest truth and reality of life is knowing that you hurt those you love. Whether it’s actually family or people you love like family … when you sin, when you fail, when you break someone’s trust it can be devestating. Walking into my child’s room when he was very young […]