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Go Sarah Go!

Is she in or out … experts are trying to predict if Sarah Palin is getting in the race or just toying with the media.

She is making another run through Iowa the week of September 3rd. She was invited to speak at a Tea Party rally but additional events and venues have been added to resemble a campaign swing. She got tongues wagging on cable news when it was announced she had a major announcement to make at the Iowa Tea Party in September.

Love her or hate her but one thing you cannot do is ignore her. She gets attention and ire from the left and a mix of adoration and speculation from the right. Most conservatives, myself included, like her. But there are negatives. First, she was on a losing ticket which is the same as not winning the big game in sports. Second, she is a lightning rod of wrath and controversy by the media. They HATE her.


Because she is a threat. She IS what Gloria Steinem wanted to be but never really was: a powerful woman who got there by character and leadership and not bull horn rallies with radicals.

The LEFT cannot conceive that the RIGHT has the female leader people want.

I like Sarah. Her “drill, baby, drill” mantra ignited the GOP base like nothing since Ronald Reagan.

Is she a target for the media? Yup. Will they mock, shred, and lie about her? Need you ask… Polls already show Obama destroying her in a campaign which doesn’t even exist yet. Why are they creating this already? THEY FEAR HER!

Let’s keep a couple of things in mind: 1) The media will attack anyone who gets the GOP nod, so why not Sarah? 2) She generates real excitement and passion within the base. 3) After four years of hope and change … America is ready for Strength and Common Sense. Sarah’s got that!

Number 3 will draw the independents and undecideds.

Go ahead Tina Fey and SNL … Sarah is about to make your sagging ratings and mediocre careers relevant again.

Drill, Baby, Drill!

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