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As hard as it is to comprehend the pain and agony of the Nash family having to deal with the grief over the death of their 16 year old daughter, Courtney … there are three bright spots.

1. Youth Awakening – the prayer vigils and mass group gatherings to sing and worship in public places like parks and the marina are youth organized and led events. Groups, churches, and individuals are coming together. While we know that eventually this will taper off … let’s encourage it while we can.

2. Youth Salvation – There are over 100 reported salvation decisions among our community youths at these events. At Temple Baptist Church and School we have seen 6 young people come to know Christ as a result.

3. Courtney’s Sacrifice – 7 people have their lives litterally saved as a result of receiving organs from Courtney. Yes, she was an organ donor. She has given others the gift of life.

In checking our records earlier this week it was learned she attended GC (Generation Confrontationyouth ministry of Temple Baptist Church) in October and December of 2010.  As the Youth Pastor, I thank the Lord for the small influence we may have had in her life and for the huge impact she is making in so many lives right now. Paul the Apostle told young Timothy, “Let no man despise your youth.”

Thank God for the life of Courtney Nash.

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