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Presidential Debate

I watched the Fox News Republican Candidates Debate. My two sons, Ira and Andrew, watched it with me. They were engaged, asked questions, and even had some insightful comments. Admittedly, we did flip over to ESPN during the commercial break to watch the Little League World Series (actually tournament is a better name) coverage. Here’s my personal viewpoint:
PAWLENTY- Stiff and robotic. His attacks on Michelle Bachman will backfire on him. I’m sorry but he looks like Ichobod Crain from the Disney cartoon.
CAIN- “America needs to learn how to take a joke.” Great line. Not sure he can be elected but should definitely be someone’s short list for a cabinet position.

HUNTSMAN – Democrat

PAUL – Blasts Santorum as spouting pro war propoganda while spewing dangerously naive foreign policy about handling Iran.

GINGRICH – He went after the media. He gave direct answers and clear step by step how to’s AND he called the Super Committee idea: stupid … which it totally is!

ROMNEY – He looks Presidential but rehearsed.

SANTORUM – Likable and Believable. He gave a clear, articulate rebuttal to Ron Paul’s extremist views on state’s rights. His Abraham Lincoln quote was spot on and his comittment to pro life was impressive.
MICHELLE- A fighter. America is yearning for that right now. When Pawlenty stated she didn’t have any results, she remained posied and then hit the ball out of the park when she stated that standing for principles and fighting for them is always right no matter what the results.
Ron Paul, you look like the father on the TV show Fraiser. You talk like a senile old grandfather at the dinner table no one knows how to shut up. Please, withdraw and GO HOME. Oh, and take Pawlenty and Huntsman with you.
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