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Not So Easy

So with a straight face she looks at me and says, “That comes to eight hundred and twenty three dollars.” Excuse me … I nearly dropped dead on the spot. $823 for black white photocopies!!??

Let me back up… school begins in two weeks and with our moving locations we have been hard pressed for actual “office” time. Most of our time is either spent moving desks, furniture, book, and boxes or interviewing new students. Today my secretary informed we needed to get the 2011 handbooks printed but doing them in house this year was out of the question. No problem. Staples makes it easy. You’ve seen the commercials? They even have an Easy button. Just last week our business manager ordered me a new desk for my office. “Brother Marty, you’re going to have to assemble it. It’s coming on a UPS truck.” Okay. Fine. I have assembled furniture before. But I was shocked when it wasn’t a UPS truck but an actual Staples truck direct for their warehouse. I still had to assemble it? Really? Coming for their own warehouse with employees who slap this stuff together all day long but mine comes in a box? My oldest son and I got it done in record time … 4 and a half  hours. We started at 9:30PM. It did turn out pretty good if I do say so myself. But Staples did not make it easy.

Now, here I am at 8:30PM in the Titusville store wanting a price quote to do 125 booklets. Nothing fancy. The rule book is 14 pages (double sided) with a color cover. $823.00. That works out to over $6.00 per book. No glossy paper. No pictures in the book itself. Just black and white copies of text and rules. I asked why so much. She responded the binding was almost $600.00. Really? WOW. Okay … I then asked to price it without binding it (we actually have a binder in our office). That dropped it to approximately $220.00. Not bad. I then asked what the cover would be. I assumed a 64 lb card stock. I assumed incorrectly. She said, “standard 20 lb paper.” For the cover? Okay … I then asked about the back. “What back?” The back of the book. “Oh, did you want a back?” Honestly, I just stood there and smiled. Not a word though many were running through my brain at precisely that moment. I picked up my master copies, thanked her for the bid, and then left.

This wasn’t a yearbook or full color catalog. It was photocopies. Just plain old copies on 20lb recycled paper with a card stock cover AND a back with a binding … $823.00.

I thought it would be easy…

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