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What Happened to Bigger & Better?

Rarely do I blog on the weekend. This will be my third installment this weekend. Go figure.

So, I get up this morning and see a bag of name brand (trademark infringement) cough drops sitting on the island in our kitchen. Nope, I do not a cough, the sniffles, or any cold symptoms. But I decided I wanted a cough drop. Now, I realize many times we remember things from our childhood as being bigger than what they were. But I have used cough drops since being a kid. These name brand (trademark infringement) cough drops were just that this morning… a drop. Actually, drip would be a better description. I was stunned seeing as the price has gone up but the size has gone down. “Dear, everything is like that now,” was the observation of my wife. She is right. From chewing gum to candy bars. Smaller. Oh, I’m sorry … it’s now called the “Fun” size.

The ironic thing is how there is no in between anymore. It’s either small or HUGE. ¬†Seriously. Fast food drive thrus kill me. Why is today’s regular size Coke yesterday’s large and today’s large is a barrell with a straw? Why do they want to super size every meal? Go to a pharmacy and try to buy something that is just “strength” and you won’t find it. Every medication is Extra Strength.

I really don’t why I am venting and ranting about this but it just seemed like the thing to do.


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