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The Water Is Running … Catch It!

It was a beautful Saturday morning… sipping coffee, browsing the internet, working on updates for the church website. Then the doorbell that would change my day. One of next my door neighbor’s informed us we had a river of water going down our driveway and down the street. GREAT. Last time this happen it was a break under the driveway andit  required the cement being jack hammered up. $$$$ There’s goes the day…

This time it was a break in the water line that was only about 10 inches deep running along side the driveway. Got the water turned off just as member’s of the Braemer household were rising from their slumber and wanting showers. I called a plumber I knew but no answer. Then I remembered one of the men in our church was a retired plumber. I called him and he came over. Within about thirty minutes he had the broken pipe replaced. We waited one more hour to make sure the PVC glue bonded before applying water pressure. Eureka … it worked, no leaks, and the water flowed in the pipe where it belonged.

Water is a powerful force of nature. Under pressure it can erode hillsides, wash out homes, and flood towns and cities.

Eph 5:26 That He might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of the water by the Word…

The grandson of a preacher said to his grandfather one morning, “I can’t memorize verses. They just don’t stick in my head.” His grandfather smiled and then made a strange request. “Take my waste paper basket outside to the hose and fill it with water..” Confused the boy attempted to out why that was an odd request when grandfather again prompted him not to ask questions but to obey. About thirty minutes later the boy returned with no water in the trash can. “Grandpa, this can won’t hold water. It’s made out of screen.” With the wise look of an old owl his grandfather said,“Your’re right but it sure is cleaner from having gone under the water. Even if verses don’t stick in your brain your heart will be cleaner if you keep running it under the water of the Word by reading your Bible.”

A little life lesson and wisdom on a Saturday afternoon…

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