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Life Through A Car Wash View

In Mid-May they arrived early … those nasty little love bugs Florida is famous for. They get all over everything and won’t leave! The front of my van was plastered with them. I was in the habit of washing my van every Saturday and sometimes during the week if it was needed. So I headed to my favorite car wash to wash those nasty little vermin away. OUT OF ORDER and yellow police tape blocked the entrance. Grrrrr

No fear … just up the road about 4 miles was another car wash I go to. As I pulled in: REMODELING! RE-OPEN SOON! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Titusville only has two other car washes. One is at a gas station. You know the ones that give you a quick rinse after a fill up. Most of the time it leaves  the dirt behind while ripping off a mirror or antena. The other one is in a rough part of town and is self serve. Too hot. After 3 weeks and a dozen failed attempts at both spots I headed to the rough self serve wash. I drove in and didn’t realize until after I got out that there was broken glass all over the wash bay. I put my coins in and grabbed the suds brush. Nothing. In fact, only two things worked on the selector: Rinse and Wax.

I gave up and waited 3 months to try again. Tonight my favorite car wash was up and running. As I sat there relaxing and enjoying the fragrances of the waxes and soap I looked out my windshield at the view across the street. Beautiful trees, cut grass, and tropical flowers. When we first moved here and unsure of our future and a bit scared, those trips to that car wash and that view was inspirational and calming. I always sensed God’s presence telling me not to be scared. Now, two years later we have watched as God has done some amazing things. Not going for a few months and then sitting there tonight was a sweet reminder.

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