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The BULB Act  (Better Use of Light Bulbs) was not passed this week. 233 members voted yes and 193 cast nay votes. But the House required a supermajority to approve this particular package. In this case, it would have needed 285 yea votes to pass. Tea party groups and grass roots Americans saw it as one more government overreach.

“To take off the market something that’s cheap, effective, and average use costs two or three cents a week to use seems to me to be overkill by the federal government,” Representative Barton said of the move away from incandescent bulbs. Democrats were quick to point out that the bulb ban wasn’t their idea. The Obama administration issued a statement announcing its opposition to the repeal, saying it would “result in negative economic consequences for U.S. consumers and the economy.” Obama just loves to scare people.

He threatens that if the Republications don’t raise the debt ceiling and raise taxes then old people won’t get their SSI checks, disabled American’s won’t get their disability checks, veteran’s benefits will be cut off … now if we don’t switch from good old fashion carbon light bulbs to florescent tubes … THE WORLD WILL END!!! -cue horror music-

” That’s because even though CFL bulbs cost more off the shelf, they last longer and use less energy than incandescent bulbs, and could ultimately save the consumer money over the light’s lifetime.” What planet is he from? All it means is we will put more of those lights in a room to get it illuminated in the brightness we want. Period. It’s like these environmentalists (key emphasis on MENTAL) who pushed the government to regulate and mandate “water efficient” toilets. Remember the old ones that could suck you in if stayed on the pot while flushing? No more. These new ones can’t handle more that 2 pieces of toilet paper at a time. Oh, and if there’s any -you know- stuff in there … GET THE PLUNGER!

Liberals love to take things that are working just fine and ruin it for everyone. Just like they ruined Little League … comeback later for that article.

Anyway … kudos to the conservatives telling the Libs and Moderates  to “get a light.”

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